Mission To Remarry Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Something To Do With Me

Jack accepted the cup of coffee from Roxanne and said politely, “Thanks.” Roxanne sat down beside him on the couch and stared at him solemnly. “What should I do now?”

A major incident had erupted at Herbscape Group. Yet, Jack dropped by early in the morning to look for her. It meant that he needed her help. However, Jack responded with another question, “Do you have a suspect in mind?”

Roxanne was stunned by his question. In fact, she had a suspect in mind, but she did not know how to approach the subject.

Subconsciously, she refused to believe that Lucian would do such a thing.

“Mr. Lacroix of Herbscape Group told me that he suspects Farwell Group is behind the incident.” Jack fabricated Dean’s words expressionlessly. “It’s because Herbscape Group broke off the contract at the last minute, and as such, Farwell Group decided to take revenge on them.”

Roxanne frowned and kept quiet. Dean’s suspicions were the same as hers. Jack glanced at her and continued, “In my opinion, that might not be the case.”

Roxanne was confused by his words. She thought Jack meant that Lucian might not be the mastermind. “Mr. Damaris, you think…” Before she could finish, she noticed Jack staring at her with an inscrutable expression on his face.

When she met his gaze, Roxanne fell silent, and her heart sank. Jack spoke slowly. “I’m more inclined to think Mr. Farwell took action against Herbscape Group because of me.”

Roxanne was astonished. After a moment’s silence, she asked, “Why do you say so? Is it because Damaris Group snatched Herbscape Group away from him previously?”

Jack noticed the shift in Roxanne’s expression and smiled wryly. “Ms. Jarvis, are you still going to play dumb with me after all we’ve been through?”

Getting stared at by Jack made Roxanne feel guilty, but she did not know what he was getting at. Moreover, she had no idea how to answer him, so she merely gazed at him blankly.

“I bet a smart person could tell how much Mr. Farwell cares about you.” Jack smiled bitterly and shook his head. “Earlier, I also assumed that my dispute with Mr. Farwell was only business-related. However, after thinking about it last night, I thought of you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Jack looked away mysteriously and took a sip of his coffee.

On the contrary, Roxanne shuddered.

So, based on what Jack has told me, what Lucian did has something to do with me? However…

Just when Roxanne was still trying to convince herself that it was not because of her, Jack’s voice sounded beside her ears again.

He said, “It’s true that, of late, we’ve become closer due to work. As such, I can’t blame Mr. Farwell if he misunderstands our relationship.”

Jack feigned a calm grin. “Nonetheless, I now hold a grudge against Mr. Farwell as a result of this issue.”

After a while, Roxanne finally snapped back to her senses and forced a wan smile. “You must be mistaken, Mr. Damaris. My relationship with Mr. Farwell isn’t what you think…”

She wanted to explain when she got interrupted by a strange, meaningful gleam in Jack’s eyes.

“Perhaps, you’re the only one who thinks that way,” he said.

Roxanne was stunned.

For one moment, she was almost convinced by Jack’s gaze and tone.

Does the incident at Herbscape Group really have something to do with me?

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