Mission To Remarry Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Refuse To Acquire Them

Meanwhile, at the Damaris residence, Jack was leaving the study after his conversation with Hector. On his way back to his room, the butler suddenly approached him with his phone. “Mr. Damaris, a call for you.”

Half an hour earlier, Jack’s phone had been ringing off the hook. However, the butler dared not answer the phone on his behalf while Jack was still discussing matters with his grandfather in the study. He ended up waiting at the stairwell until Jack left the study.

Jack acknowledged the butler’s message with a nod and furrowed his brows slightly when he saw the caller ID. It was a call from Dean Lacroix, the CEO of Herbscape Group.

Why is he calling me at such a late hour? The butler explained helpfully, “He’s been calling you non-stop for half an hour.”

Jack’s heart sank. He answered the call with a frown. Before he could utter a word, Dean’s panicked voice drifted through the receiver.

“Mr. Damaris, thank goodness you’ve answered your phone! Herbscape Group is in trouble! Please help us! You’re the only person I can think of right now!”

If Dean had known the Damaris residence’s address, he would have knocked down their door in the middle of the night after failing to contact Jack for half an hour.

Puzzlement flitted across Jack’s gaze as he asked, “What happened?”

He had been talking to Hector in the study the whole time and was blissfully unaware of the disaster that had unfolded on the internet.

Dean was in disbelief at Jack’s complete ignorance of the matter.

Nonetheless, he did not have the luxury to explain everything to Jack.

“Someone published Herbscape Group’s past scandals on the internet, and it’s going viral. I’ve received word from both the State Taxation Administration and International Trade Administration. They’re sending men over to investigate my company!”

He then made a plea for help. “Someone must be attacking our company, but I can’t think of a potential culprit. The best thing I can do right now is ask you for help!”

Jack’s frown deepened when he heard of the State Taxation Administration’s and International Trade Administration’s involvement.

He had chosen to collaborate with Herbscape Group because of their scale of operation in Horington.

As for the company’s background, he had arranged for rather extensive investigations and concluded that their scandalous past was well-buried. He would not have worked with them otherwise.

To his surprise, Herbscape Group was now embroiled in a massive scandal.

Dean’s anxiety ballooned at Jack’s prolonged silence. He was covered in a cold sweat as he pleaded, “Mr. Damaris, I’m only doing this for both our benefits. We’re still collaborators, and Herbscape Group is responsible for supplying medicinal herbs for the Damaris family’s new project. If something happens to us, your project will surely be in hot soup. We’re in the same boat here!”

He was clearly worried out of his mind, considering the veiled threat in his plea.

Jack narrowed his gaze in displeasure and replied coldly, “Got it. I’ll think of what to do after forming a better understanding of the situation.”

Then, he hung up without giving Dean a chance to respond.

Dean realized belatedly he had said something wrong when he heard the call-end tone. Regret tinged his features.

If I’ve offended Jack earlier and ruined our chances of getting his help, I’ll need to crawl back to Farwell Group for help.

Dean regretted his decision to break off his contract with Farwell Group more than ever.

Despite Farwell Group’s excellent terms, he had backed out of the contract at the last minute.

If he went back to them for help now, he would have no grounds to renegotiate a decent deal.

In fact, with Herbscape Group’s tainted reputation, Farwell Group could very well refuse to acquire them.

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