Mission To Remarry Chapter 842

Chapter 842 I Do Not Care What It Takes

Lucian’s end of the line was so silent that his breathing was clearly audible.

“Lucian?” Puzzled at not getting any response even after waiting for a while, Jonathan called out Lucian’s name. He started feeling tensed, thinking that his actions had drawn Lucian’s displeasure.

There was another long pause before a low voice said, “You’re responsible for the online furor I’m seeing, aren’t you?” Lucian’s tone was impassive.

Jonathan pondered for several seconds before admitting frankly, “That was the easiest and quickest method that came to my mind. As long as Herbscape Group’s reputation gets dragged through the mud, they may even end up approaching us, begging for an acquisition.”

That response is not in keeping with Jonathan’s usually free-and-easy demeanor, yet it’s unsurprising. He has put in a lot of effort to get to where he is today and helped his family gain a solid footing in Horington’s business world. Apart from Damaris Group, they’re the only other family that’s so powerful. To become a successful businessperson, resorting to despicable means is sometimes necessary.

Lucian frowned slightly after hearing Jonathan admit to it. A strange feeling flitted across his heart, and his thoughts inadvertently turned to Roxanne.

Even though I want to teach her a lesson, this seems like a big mess that could send all the earlier effort she put into being part of this project down the drain.

In the end, Lucian was still hesitant. He simply could not bring himself to be cruel to her.

Meanwhile, uneasiness gradually rose in Jonathan’s heart. “Are you thinking that my methods are a little deplorable?”

After all, I’m working for Farwell Group now, and Herbscape Group will have to rely on us in the future. For Farwell Group, such underhanded methods are shameful indeed.

He felt a pang of regret as the realization dawned on him. “If you think it’s inappropriate, I can ask them to take down the discussions at once. I promise that all the damaging information online will also be completely removed.”

Snapping out of his thoughts, Lucian pinched the space between his brows. In the end, he steeled his heart and said, “There’s no need for that. You did very well.”

Jonathan was flabbergasted upon hearing Lucian’s response. “Then what…”

If he really does think I did well, what was he thinking about for so long?

Jonathan’s brows furrowed as he contemplated the matter for a few seconds. Then, he ventured a guess. “Is it because of Dr. Jarvis?”

The only person Jonathan could think of who could make Lucian change his mind was Roxanne.

However, Lucian continued talking as though he had not heard Jonathan’s question. “It’s just how the business world works. Since Herbscape Group was the one who committed a breach of contract first, they deserve to be taught a lesson.”

Lucian’s gaze darkened after he said that.

His words were not merely meant to refer to Herbscape Group but also to persuade himself. Since Roxanne doesn’t know how to keep her distance from other men, I must be the one to give her a wake-up call!

Although Lucian did not say anything, Jonathan still managed to guess what the former was thinking. He also knew Lucian did not want to talk about it. Hence, he followed the latter’s lead and changed the subject. “If that’s the case, great! And here I was thinking you wouldn’t be able to accept my way of doing things.”

Lucian smiled faintly, appearing unconcerned. “It’s just a bit of fun. Like I said before, as long as Herbscape Group falls, I don’t care what it takes.”

Besides, it’s not like I’ve never used worse methods.

After hearing Lucian’s response, Jonathan finally felt at ease.

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