Mission To Remarry Chapter 1368

“Are you going to Jadeborough for business?” Roxanne couldn’t hold back the question any longer as the car picked up speed. Lucian nodded in response to her question, his eyes never leaving the road. “There’s a problem with the account, and I need to check it out.”

Suspicion shone in Roxanne’s eyes. “And you have to go there yourself?” She thought Lucian showing up to check the account was a bit much despite her limited business knowledge. Lucian’s expression remained unchanged. “The person in charge is someone from the Farwell

family. Anyone else may be unable to keep them in line, so I must go.” It was a reasonable explanation, one that Roxanne reluctantly accepted.

She assumed Lucian’s job entailed nothing more than sitting in the office and devising strategies, oblivious to the fact that many trivial matters still demanded his time and attention.

“Well, what about you? Why are you going on a business trip after just recovering?” Lucian turned and gave her an unreadable look.

Guilt snapped her back to the present. She had mentally braced herself to tell him the truth, but words eluded her now that she was sitting beside him.

“I…” Roxanne hesitated for a long moment before answering evasively, “I’m going to help out with an emergency in a nursing home in Jadeborough.”

“Help out?” Lucian echoed, puzzled. “With whom? Is it set up by the research institute?”

Roxanne averted her eyes sheepishly. “No. It’s by the Damaris family. Mr. Damaris contacted me yesterday morning asking if I was interested. He said the situation is quite dire, and this time I’ll be able to learn medical skills from them, so…”

She snuck a peek in the rearview mirror at Lucian, fully expecting him to disapprove of her traveling plans with Jack..

However, his expression revealed nothing, and he simply nodded. “You should do it if the geriatrics need help. Take care of yourself and avoid overworking.”

“That’s it? You have nothing else to say?” Roxanne couldn’t stop the words from coming out of her mouth. Lucian arched a brow in bewilderment.

She realized she had said something she shouldn’t have, and regret instantly filled her. Yet, words, once spoken, couldn’t be retracted.

It was a while before Lucian’s voice rang out in the small space. “There’s nothing to say. Saving patients is your job, and I can’t choose your work partner. Jack is indeed an exceptional doctor. I’m confident that both of you will keep your relationship strictly professional.”

She felt an overwhelming sense of dissonance remembering Lucian’s prejudice toward Jack and then hearing what he said now. She was so caught up in her astonishment that she didn’t notice Lucian’s white-knuckled grip on the wheel during the conversation. He clearly didn’t mean what he said.

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