Mission To Remarry Chapter 1367

I have never needed to inform Lucian about impending business trips, but things are different now. Knowing how much he dislikes Jack, I should inform him it is with Jack I’m making this trip. I have gotten so used to leaving whenever work crops up for the past six years that I would have forgotten if not for Benny’s reminder.

Benny watched his mother’s expression soften and knew his timely words worked. Although his face glistened with anticipation, he was also silently urging his father to hurry up.

Roxanne fell silent for a long while before grabbing her phone to give Lucian a call. Just when she found his number, a horn sounded outside the mansion. Somehow knowing exactly who it was, Roxanne put her phone away and walked to the entrance with her suitcase in tow.

She saw Lucian’s Bentley at the door. Clad in a smoky gray vest with sleeves rolled up halfway, he emerged from the car and strode toward her. “What are you doing here?”

Roxanne had a funny feeling as she watched him approach. Lucian frowned at her luggage. “What about you? Where are you going?”

Roxanne followed his gaze and felt a twinge of guilt about her business trip with Jack..

Unwilling to discuss it in the children’s presence, she said carefully, “I’m going to Jadeborough for a business trip. I was about to tell you when you came.”

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Lucian came over and took her luggage. Roxanne frowned in puzzlement. “What are you doing?”

He placed her suitcase in the car while she followed suspiciously behind. Benny heaved a secret sigh of relief at the arrival of his father. He made a face at his mother’s back before turning to Linda. “We’re going to be late, Ms. Linda. We need to get going to the kindergarten!”

There’s no way we’re getting involved. Linda glanced at the time and, with a jump, bid. Roxanne farewell before ushering the children into the car and driving off.

Suddenly, Roxanne and Lucian were the only ones left at the mansion entrance. She was still uneasy even after he placed her suitcase into his trunk. “I’m running late. Let’s talk about it when I get there.”

Meeting her eyes, Lucian grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the passenger seat. Too confused to resist, Roxanne found herself forced into the passenger seat. Then she watched as he got in on the other side.

“Just as well. I, too, am here to inform you that I’m going to Jadeborough to take care of some business. Since we’re heading the same way, let’s travel together,” Lucian said placidly and started the car without giving her a chance to turn him down.

Soon after, Lucian drove out of the mansion. Roxanne, seated in the passenger seat, mulled over Lucian’s words. What a coincidence! Lucian never mentioned anything about going to Jadeborough before this.

In fact, even Lucian did not know he would be making a trip to Jadeborough. Observing the side of his face, Roxanne could not detect any deception amidst his relaxed concentration behind the wheel.

She felt disappointed by her suspicion as soon as the thought occurred to her. Why would Lucian lie? This is not something worth lying about!

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