Mission To Remarry Chapter 1247

Jonathan sent the two to the hospital, handled. the ward admission procedure, and asked someone to take care of them before he left. He feared he would lose his temper if he stayed there with Frieda.

Before leaving, he still felt worried, so he ordered his subordinates, “Keep a close eye on her during this period. Contact me first thing when you notice anything unusual about her.”

Naturally, the subordinates promised without hesitation. Jonathan turned around and took one last glance at the ward before letting out a heavy.

sigh. With that, he strode out of the hospital. After getting into the car, Jonathan pondered whether he should pay Roxanne a visit.

After all, judging by Aubree’s and his sister’s appearance, he figured the trio had gotten into a fight. Frieda and Aubree were already terribly injured. He could not help but wonder if Roxanne was injured as well.

After mulling over it for some time, Jonathan dismissed the idea. Instead, he called Lucian. Rightfully, if Roxanne was really injured, the person who should be with her at that moment was Lucian. The call was connected instantly. “What’s up?”

Jonathan opened his mouth, but he did not know what to say. I can’t possibly tell him about my sister and Aubree getting into a fight with Roxanne after they went to her to cause trouble and that he should check on Roxanne.

If I tell him that, he might not let Frieda off. Though Jonathan thought Frieda was a fool, she was still his family member. He still had to protect her.

At that thought, Jonathan mulled over it for a few seconds before saying, “Aubree and my sister went to see Dr. Jarvis today, but I don’t know what they said to her. Do you want to go over to check on her?”

He had merely mentioned the two girls visited Roxanne’s home but not a single word about their scuffle. However, Lucian’s expression darkened instantly. “Why did they go there?”

Roxanne has just returned from the brink of death, and there’s finally an improvement in their relationship. And now, Aubree’s gone looking for her without my knowledge?

Jonathan shook his head, still unwilling to tell Lucian the truth. “I don’t know, either. It’s just that… they’re both slightly injured. And I have no idea what Dr. Jarvis’ situation is now.”

Lucian’s expression turned grimmer when her heard about that. They even fought! “Lucian, you should hurry over and check on her. I’m sure Dr. Jarvis is hoping to see you now,” Jonathan advised sincerely. Lucian responded, “Got it.”

With that, he hung up right away. Seeing it was already noon, Cayden walked over to the office to ask what Lucian wanted to eat. “Mr. Farwell, what do you-” The moment he stepped in, he was shocked by the gloomy atmosphere.

“Postpone everything I have in my schedule today,” instructed Lucian coldly.

Cayden gave it some thought, realizing there was nothing important planned that day that needed Lucian to show up. Hence, he acknowledged the latter’s request.

Just as Cayden was about to ask for a reason, Lucian had already grabbed his coat and left the office with a stern look. A guess slowly surfaced in Cayden’s mind.

Cayden could not think of anyone else who could make Lucian put on such an expression apart from Roxanne. I wonder what happened this time.

As soon as Lucian exited the company, he started his car engine and sped toward Roxanne’s place. He had experienced the pain of almost losing her. Hence, he was not going to let her leave him again.

If Roxanne distances herself from me because of Aubree’s provocation, I won’t show that woman any mercy, no matter what my mother says.

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