Mission To Remarry Chapter 1243

Her provocation caused Roxanne to ball her hands into fists by her sides. The kids were right in front of them, so she didn’t want to cause a huge ruckus.

However, Aubree paid no attention to the children as she continued, “Since they are here, they should also learn what a b*tch you are. Lucian is engaged to me, but you wouldn’t let go of him! Did you forget that you had the boys out of wedlock? You don’t have the right to be with Lucian!”

Roxanne’s expression turned dark. “Are you done!” Aubree looked at her with a cold stare, ready to continue her tirade, but Roxanne stepped. forward, her face emotionless.

Fear crept up Aubree’s throat as she furrowed her brows. The realization that she was afraid of Roxanne made her furious. “Hit me if you dare!” she hollered.

Right after she said that, a cushion was thrown in her face. Aubree stopped talking abruptly. Her face was grim as she faced the direction from which the cushion had been thrown.

Even Roxanne was startled at the turn of events. “Evil woman! Wicked witch! Don’t you dare bully Mommy!”

They were unaware that the children had approached the couch to throw cushions at Aubree. The children weren’t strong enough, so even though they threw a few cushions, only one managed to hit their target…

Even so, Aubree was already heaving in rage. “B*stards!” “Wicked witch! Leave our house now. We might be young, but we’re not afraid of you!”

The children glared at her without fear. Slowly, Aubree’s face contorted in fury. “I almost forgot how you poured water over me before. How dare you provoke me again today?”

She then glowered at Estella. “You ingrate! I must punish all of you today!” “Come at us! We’re not afraid of you!” The kids stuck their tongues out cheekily. “We think you’re the one who’s clinging to Mr. Farwell!”

Those words hurt Aubree’s sore spot. She immediately marched over to them. “You little b*stards! I swear I’ll teach you a lesson today!” The children ran away, not showing any fear toward her threat.

Naturally, Roxanne wouldn’t allow her to hurt the children. Before Aubree could walk past her, Roxanne blocked her path coldly. “Get out of my way!” Aubree snarled. “You failed to teach them, so let me discipline them on your behalf!”

Roxanne refused to budge. “They are my children, and I don’t need your help to discipline them. Besides, I don’t think they did anything wrong.”

Aubree snorted icily. “Well, it’s understandable that they are this rude since they have a homewrecker as a mother.” She had barely finished speaking when a tight

slap landed on her cheek. Shocked filled Aubree’s eyes as she held her cheek. “H-How dare you hit me?” “Why not?” Roxanne retorted frostily.

She then gave Aubree another slap as if to prove her words. Before Aubree had a chance to process the initial shock of being slapped, she was slapped again. She was livid.

“Good job, Mommy!” the kids cheered and clapped excitedly behind her. We have had enough of the wicked woman who keeps causing trouble for Mommy. It is great to see her getting slapped twice!

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