Mission To Remarry Chapter 1242

“B*tch!” When Aubree spotted Roxanne, she marched up to her with her arm raised, ready to deliver a tight slap.

Roxanne’s brows furrowed at the sight. Before she could lift her hand to block the oncoming attack, Aubree suddenly stumbled and nearly collapsed to the ground.

The kids’ shrill voices rang out, “Don’t you dare bully Mommy!”

Roxanne was taken aback and lowered her head in surprise. Without anyone noticing, the children had quickly run to stand in a line between her and Aubree, forming a protective barrier.

It was clear that Aubree had stumbled because of their actions.

With a scowl, Aubree regained her balance. She cast her gaze downward, fixing her eyes on the three young children who had positioned themselves between her and Roxanne.

“Who are you to stop me? B*stards, stay away from me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for taking action!” she warned.

Before she could walk past them, Estella reached out to grab the corner of her clothes. Glaring at her, the little girl declared, “Don’t you dare bully Ms. Jarvis!”

Aubree gritted her teeth in anger. “Let go of me, you ingrate! I have treated you well, haven’t I? How could you side with this b*tch?”

Naturally, Estella held onto her clothing firmly, refusing to let go. Instead, she held on even tighter.

Feeling a stab of anger, Aubree reached out to push Estella away. “Scram! I’ll teach you a lesson after dealing with that b*tch!”

Estella was completely taken aback by her unexpected shove, and if it hadn’t been for Archie and Benny immediately coming to her aid and providing her with the necessary support, she might have stumbled and fallen to the ground.

Roxanne had reached her breaking point with Aubree’s threatening behavior toward the children. She firmly stated, “This is my home and I won’t tolerate any more trouble from you. I’ve already warned you to leave, so I suggest you do so now.”

Aubree let out a derisive snort and spun around to face Roxanne. “You’ve got some nerve to demand me to leave, huh?” she spat. “Have you completely forgotten the promise you made to keep away from Lucian and Essie? What happened to that?”

Roxanne stiffened, not knowing how to reply.

Aubree’s haughtiness grew as she saw Roxanne remain silent. “So why aren’t you responding? Are you tongue-tied? Don’t think that Lucian has fallen in love with you because he brought you to the hospital while you were unconscious. I can assure you that he would have done the same thing for any other person in the same situation!”

Roxanne’s lashes trembled at her words. “Mommy.” Archie yanked gently at the corner of Roxanne’s clothes. He assured her, “Don’t listen to her. Mr. Farwell treats you really well!”

Roxanne pursed her lips, but she said naught at word. Aubree snapped, “Shut up! You know nothing, bast rd. If your mother hadn’t clung to Lucian, he wouldn’t have given her so much as a glance!”

“That’s not true!” Furious, Benny stood before Roxanne in a protective manner. Their actions merely served to increase Aubree’s fury. She stormed forward angrily, ready to punish them for disrespecting her.

Without hesitation, Roxanne stepped forward and pulled the kids behind her. “This is between us. The children have nothing to do with this!”

Aubree was extremely dissatisfied that her scheme had fallen through. In frustration, she lashed out at Roxanne. “This has nothing to do with them? What did they say earlier? Don’t forget that Lucian is engaged to me. Why would he be so kind to you? That was just because you had no shame and clung to him!”

Roxanne’s face turned as dark as thunder. “I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please leave now. Otherwise, don’t blame me for taking. action!”

“You dare hit me?” Aubree screamed, flailing her arms around. “Come, try me! If you dare to lay a hand on me, I’ll definitely let Lucian see what a shrew you are!”

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