Mission To Remarry Chapter 1240

The question only served to infuriate Aubree further. “Lucian told me about it!” The answer shocked Frieda. “Really? There’s no way he would tell you something like that.”

Her words caused Aubree to glare at her, cowing her into silence..

Knowing Lucian, she felt that once he had decided to leave Estella with Roxanne, he would definitely not allow Aubree anywhere near his daughter.

Therefore, she found it hard to believe that Lucian would tell Aubree the truth.

With a scowl on her face, Aubree explained, “He didn’t say it. Instead, he mentioned that Essie was with Mrs. Farwell, who didn’t bring up the matter with me. It’s evident that he’s lying!”

Frieda found the situation to be equally suspicious. Nonetheless, fearful that the hasty Aubree would make a mistake, she advised, “Why don’t you give Mrs. Farwell a call? Essie might really be there.”

When the scowl on Aubree’s face deepened, Frieda quickly changed her tact.

“If Lucian has lied to you, you should also tell. Mrs. Farwell about it. Doesn’t she deserve to know since Lucian sending Essie to Roxanne’s side is a serious matter?”

Knitting her brows, Aubree began to waver upon hearing Frieda’s words. She’s right. I can still complain to Sonya. With that thought in mind, Aubree gave Sonya a call.

The latter answered quickly. “What’s the matter, Aubree?”

Upon regaining her composure, she spoke in a concerned tone. “Mrs. Farwell, Essie’s teacher just called and told me that Essie has been absent from school for the last few days.. Lucian mentioned that she’s with you. I was wondering if she’s not feeling well?”

Sonya’s brows furrowed at once. “Isn’t Essie with the two of you?”

Even though the answer was expected, Aubree still felt disheartened to hear Sonya say it. Nevertheless, she pretended to be understanding. “I’ve been busy recently and didn’t have time to see Essie. I might have heard wrongly, so I’ll call Lucian to check.”

With that, she made some idle chatter with Sonya before ending the call. She was afraid of losing her temper if they were to continue the conversation.. “Aubree-

Standing opposite her, Frieda felt tense when she saw the grave look on Aubree’s face.

Before she could finish her sentence, she saw Aubree smash her phone to the ground in rage. “It’s that b*tch again. Lucian must have sent. Essie to her!”

Panic descended upon Frieda. “How is that possible? Even if she has really been discharged from the hospital, she must still be very weak. If she can’t even take care of herself, why would Lucian send Essie to her?”

It would have been better for Frieda not to have spoken. Now that she had mentioned it, Aubree immediately recalled how worried Estella was for Roxanne.

Instead of thinking of it as Lucian’s idea, I think that little b*tch requested it herself. Who knows, she might be taking care of Roxanne this very minute!

The thought filled Aubree with rage. “Instead of guessing, we’ll know what that little b*tch is up to by seeing for ourselves!” No sooner has Aubree spoken than she stormed out of the house. Frieda didn’t even have time to react.

All this while, I have treated that little snitch very well and catered to her every whim, and yet, she clings on to someone else. When I become Mrs. Farwell one day, I’ll definitely skin her alive!

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