Mission To Remarry Chapter 1239

No matter how she thought about it, Aubree. just couldn’t calm down. It wasn’t until she gave Cory a call that she found out about Roxanne’s discharge from the hospital.

Without a doubt, the news further unsettled her. After much contemplation, she steeled herself and gave Lucian a call. However, she had to wait for a long while before she heard an answer in a frosty voice. “What is it?”

Despite gritting her teeth, she maintained at caring tone. “Lucian, I just received a call from Ms. Yaxley saying that Essie has missed school recently. Is she not feeling well?”

The moment she finished, Aubree felt her heart tense up as if she was afraid of hearing Lucian say that Estella was at Roxanne’s.

Furrowing his brows in brief silence, Lucian replied, “Essie is at my mom’s. You don’t have to bother. As for the teacher, just inform her that Essie is sick.”

Due to the bad blood between Aubree and Roxanne, Lucian didn’t plan on letting the former know where Estella really was. In addition, Lucian was certain of his feelings for Roxanne after the poisoning incident.

That was the reason he felt the need to draw the line with Aubree. However, Aubree doubted the truth in his words.

Given how important I am to Sonya, I’m sure she would invite me over if Essie was by her side. After all, it’s a great opportunity for me to bond with the little girl. Since that didn’t happen, I’m not buying Lucian’s story.

Coming to that conclusion, Aubree felt her heart sink. At the same time, she replied in a skeptical tone, “Really? I’m surprised that I didn’t hear about something this important.”

With no intention of continuing the conversation, Lucian remarked, “I still have a meeting to attend. If there’s nothing else, I’m ending the call now.”

With that, he hung up on Aubree before she could react. Upon hearing the call end tone, Aubree’s face. lost all color. That little b*tch must be at Roxanne’s. I can’t think of any other reason Lucian would lie to me.

Amidst her fury, a sudden knock on the door was heard. Aubree stood up to get it despite looking upset. When she saw who it was, she didn’t bother hiding her displeasure.

“Aubree, what happened? Why do you look so angry?”

Worried that Aubree would do something impulsive, Frieda came over to check on her. Concern filled her mind the moment she saw the look on Aubree’s face.

Aubree seethed as she spoke. “That little b*tch has gone to Roxanne’s house again!” The news shocked Frieda. “Isn’t she supposed to be in the hospital?”

She clearly remembered Jonathan telling her that Roxanne’s poisoning was extremely serious. Hence, she was surprised at how fast Roxanne was discharged.”

Aubree slammed the door to vent her frustration. “That b*tch is da*n lucky. Why didn’t she die from the poison?”

Frieda still couldn’t believe what happened. “Have you asked Mr. Zaythrone about it? Given Roxanne’s critical condition, the poison in her body would still take time to dissipate even after she woke up. How did she manage to leave the hospital so soon?”

The frustrated Aubree, annoyed by Frieda’s incessant questioning, gave the latter the side- eye. “How would I know? Cory is nothing but a coward. Ever since I told him that I was trying to kill Roxanne, he stopped contacting me. If I hadn’t asked him about it, he would probably not have told me!”

Unsettled by the tantrum Aubree was throwing, Frieda felt the need to calm the former down. “Um… How did you know that Essie is at Roxanne’s place?”

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