Mission To Remarry Chapter 1220

As Roxanne was deep in thought thinking about what Lucian had told the children, the three children came over to bid her farewell.

“Mommy, since you’re fine, we will be heading home first. Rest well! We will be waiting at home for you!” Benny smiled heartily. His smile only served to make Roxanne puzzled.

When she was sick previously, the children would want to stay by her side the whole time. Why would they proactively bid me farewell without arguing to stay with me?

Benny inquired endearingly, “Mommy, you’re going to let Essie tag along with us, right? She will be terrified if she’s alone!”

Roxanne returned to her senses and glanced at Lucian instinctively. She nodded hesitantly. “Take good care of her.”

The children had a scare the night before. Estella did not have a strong sense of security, so it would be better if Archie and Benny accompanied her.

The boys nodded fervently. “Then, we shall head back first!” The kids then ran out of the ward, waving goodbye to Roxanne.

They were all smiling gleefully when they turned around knowing that their plan worked. Daddy told us yesterday that we must give him and Mommy some private space!

Although they were worried about Roxanne, they were confident that Lucían would be able to take great care of her.

Roxanne’s brows furrowed as she stared at the children’s retreating figures. She had a sudden urge to call them back as she did not know how to face Lucian alone.

However, before she could say anything, Lucian’s voice rang out. “I’ll let Cayden send them back. He will stay there and take care of them.”

Since he had spelled things out so clearly, Roxanne could no longer refuse. She could only nod in agreement. “I’ll see them off.” Lucian shot her an unfathomable look before he turned and walked out of the ward.

Roxanne was finally left alone in the ward. She knew Lucian had left because he saw her predicament and wanted to give her time to prepare mentally.

This showed how much he cared about her. Roxanne turned her head to look out the window as she tried to calm herself.

She had no idea what Lucian was thinking. However, from what happened the previous day, she knew that Lucian treated her well, not just because of his and Jack’s business rivalry.

Perhaps, there was some sincerity in his actions. Anyone would be moved by someone taking care of them the whole night. Roxanne was no an exception.

However, there were still many things Lucian did not explain to her yet. Rather than overthinking her relationship with Lucian, Roxanne decided to go with the flow. With that, Roxanne finally composed herself.

Perhaps Lucian and Roxanne were connected telepathically to some extent, as she heard noises coming from the door just as she figured out how to face Lucian.

Seconds later, Lucian walked in from the door. “Have they left?” Roxanne was stunned for a moment before a smile spread across her face.

Lucian’s gaze darkened upon seeing her expression. He stared at her and nodded. “Cayden will take good care of them. You don’t need to worry.”

Roxanne grinned. “I know. Thank you. Not only did you have to take care of me last night, but you also had to take care of them too.”

Her tone was natural, with no trace of her previous detachment and stiffness. Emotions swirled in Lucian’s eyes as he noticed the change in her, but he suppressed them.

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