Mission To Remarry Chapter 1213

Roxanne was someone who knew how and when to keep a distance from others. Even if she were to find out what happened that night, she would only assume that Lucian was being helpful by stopping Jack.

Lucian was certain about that. Jack paled. “I just want to take a look at her. Also, there’s something I want to ask her about,” Jack said, wanting to find out more about the situation this time.

However, seemingly having read his mind, Lucian uttered, “The three of us are the only. ones here. There’s no need for you to put up a show, Mr. Damaris.”

Jack frowned in confusion. “What are your talking about?”

“I’ve already gotten my men to look into it. There were only three people who were involved in this experiment at the research institute.” Lucian’s tone was cold as he spoke. “The other person has been working with Roxanne for many years. I doubt he has the need to do something stupid like this. Therefore, you’re the only suspect left.”

Jack was taken aback..

He never thought that someone would assume that he was the one who did something to the experiment despite how he was wrecked with worry about Roxanne for the entire day.

“Mr. Farwell, please remember that this is a project spearheaded by the Damaris family. Why would I do something like this?” Jack questioned, finding Lucian’s doubts hilarious. Lucian furrowed his brows.

That was a question he had mulled over before. Indeed, Jack did not seem like he had the motive to do this. However, he still came to that conclusion in the end.

There were only three people in the experiment, and Jack was the only possible mastermind behind the incident.

When Jack realized that Lucian was still suspicious of him, he icily said, “Where is your evidence if you think that I’m the one behind this? People will laugh at you if they hear that you’ve been jumping to conclusions!”

“I will find the evidence,” Lucian promised, the temperature around him dropping.

Jack had to take in several deep breaths before he could calm himself down again. “Well, before you get it, please move aside, Mr. Farwell. I have the right to visit my business partner!”

Lucian remained rooted to his spot, regardless. “Same goes for you. Before you can prove that you’re innocent, I won’t let you see her.”

Jack went cold with fury. He was done with Lucian’s constant suspicion, and at that very moment, he felt like lunging toward Lucian to start a fight with him. Like Jack, Lucian scowled.

Within seconds, both men were as tense as beasts about to engage in a battle. Cayden, who was standing at the side, was equally uneasy, ready to stop Jack at any time.

The three of them were preoccupied with the tension in the air, so none noticed the elevator doors sliding open. Soon, Jonathan came out with the three children. “Lucian…”

Right as Jonathan was about to tell Lucian he was done with his task, he was struck with confoundment when he was greeted by the sight of the sparks flying.

Even the children were taken aback, but they were quick to come back to their senses. Estella then ran over to her father and spread her arms, seemingly about to protect Lucian. “Don’t bully Daddy!”

The moment those words were out of her mouth, both Cayden and Jonathan shared a look of surprise.

I didn’t hear that wrongly, did I? Bully Lucian? Who’s even capable of doing that?

Even Jack was baffled by the situation. “Mr. Damaris, are you here to visit Mommy?” came Archie’s soft voice from behind the man.

Upon hearing the boy, Jack tucked away his wrath and turned to look at Archie.

“It’s late. I’m sure Mommy’s resting now. Mr. Damaris, if you’re worried about her, why don’t you come again tomorrow?”

Although Archie’s words sounded polite, it was still a way of asking Jack to leave.

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