Mission To Remarry Chapter 1211

Jonathan brought the children to the restaurant and ordered a bunch of food for them. However, they didn’t appear to have any appetite. “I thought you all were hungry?” Their reaction confounded Jonathan.

In response, Estella slowly took a bite of a dessert. I’m not hungry. I just don’t want to stay with that bad lady. Why is she still hanging around the hospital after Daddy asked her to leave?

Archie and Benny were also pretty distracted. They only left with Jonathan because they wanted to give their parents some private time.

Nonetheless, ever since they left the hospital, they started to regret their decision because they recalled their parents always argued whenever they spent time together.

They were afraid the same scenario would occur again. “You three aren’t actually hungry, am I right?”

Jonathan grinned when he saw through them. In response, the children lowered their heads guiltily with tightened fists.

A tinge of confusion flashed past his eyes when he saw the children acting in the exact same way. Is it just me, or do they look like they were made from the same mold when viewed from this angle? Even their reaction when feeling guilty is identical. I know Roxanne gave birth to all three of them, but I feel like I can see Lucian’s childhood self in the boys. In that case, it may be a good thing if Lucian gets back together with Roxanne.

The look in his eyes turned softer as he asked, “Tell me the truth. You three want Mr. Farwell to stay with your mommy, right?”

The children lowered their heads, staying quiet. In the end, Archie carefully met Jonathan’s eyes and said, “Yes, we do. Mr. Farwell treats us well.”

Jonathan couldn’t help but tease the boys, “You know, I can treat you all well, too. See, I even brought you guys out here to eat.”

The children were dumbstruck upon hearing. that. Amused, he patted their heads. “I’m kidding. I’m Mr. Farwell’s best friend. Don’t worry; I won’t snatch your mommy away from him.”

The children sighed in relief. “You know, I’ve got the same sentiment as you three. Let’s do our best together, okay?”

His revelation delighted the children. Benny was the most excited as he celebrated in a small voice, “Yeah!”

Archie and Estella nodded. Grinning, Jonathan said, “If you three are worried about them, finish the food quickly, and I’ll send you all back.”

In response, the children beamed, put their thoughts away, and enjoyed the food. Meanwhile, Jack’s car stopped in front of the hospital entrance before he exited the vehicle.

After double-checking the hospital’s name with the message he had received not long ago, he stepped into the building.

Roxanne was a very important partner of his, yet he allowed her to be harmed under his care again. It was only natural he would be worried about her.

That was especially the case as he was aware of how serious the symptoms of that gas poisoning could be.

Ever since Lucian took her away, he had been trying to find out where Lucian brought her to.

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