Mission To Remarry Chapter 1208

Realizing that he was about to leave her, Roxanne instinctively reached out and grabbed his arm. Lucian’s presence was her only source of comfort while she was in great pain, so the thought of him leaving filled her heart with fear and anxiousness.

Everyone in the ward was shocked by her actions. Lucian felt a huge wave of emotions crashing against his heart.

As though he were coaxing a child, Lucian said in a gentle tone, “Roxanne, you need to let the doctors take a look at you so that the headache will go away soon. Don’t worry for I will be standing right next to you. The doctors can’t examine you if you don’t let go.”

The specialists exchanged glances as they realized something was off about the relationship between the two. Roxanne slowly let go of Lucian after hearing what he said, but she kept her gaze on him the whole time.

With a worried frown on his face, Lucian stood in the corner of the ward and told the specialists, “Please proceed to examine her.”

The specialists then got to work and began their examination. As Roxanne’s reaction was really intense, they could imagine her pain just by looking at her.

“This headache was caused by a strong surge of emotions. The patient has been trying to keep her emotions in check.”

After completing the examination, the specialist looked at Lucian and said solemnly, “However, the headache response will last quite some time. I suggest we give her an injection for the pain.”

The look in Lucian’s eyes turned gloomy when he heard that.

A strong surge of emotions? Was it because I said I would look for Archie and Benny’s biological father? Is that why she stayed up the whole time? Does she care about that man so much?

“Mr. Farwell?” the specialist pressed on when he didn’t receive an answer. Having been snapped out of his train of thought, Lucian nodded and replied, “Go ahead.”

The specialists started making the arrangements after getting his approval to proceed.

Although it was a relatively simple task that could be performed by any other nurse, the specialists didn’t dare let a nurse do it as Lucian was watching from the side.

Instead, they let the most skilled specialist on the team administer the injection. Roxanne’s headache clearly subsided after the injection.

The specialists then advised Lucian on what to look out for before leaving the ward. Roxanne was feeling incredibly embarrassed as she lay weakly on the bed.

Her head was still aching slightly, but she could clearly remember what she did to Lucian earlier. Since it was just the two of them in the ward, she didn’t dare open her eyes as she didn’t know how she would face him.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know you’d react so strongly to that,” Lucian’s voice rang out next to her ear. Roxanne’s eyelids fluttered as she felt her headache start to worsen again.

Before her condition got worse, she slowly opened her eyes and said, “Well, you know now, so stop talking about it.”  Lucian frowned slightly. “Again, I’m sorry. I should’ve been more careful.”

“I’m tired. Please leave, Mr. Farwell,” Roxanne mumbled and closed her eyes again. She wanted Lucian to leave her alone, and the injection was making her feel somewhat uncomfortable too.

As Roxanne was a lot more vulnerable while she was unwell, Lucian could easily see right through her lies.

After staring at her for a bit, Lucian realized she wasn’t pretending this time. His heart sank when he recalled how she was unconscious earlier that afternoon.

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