Mission To Remarry Chapter 1206

“Lucian, I think there’s more to this than meets the eye,” Jonathan said when he stepped out of the ward. He still believed that someone must have sabotaged the experiment, but he couldn’t think of anyone in the research institute who hated Roxanne enough to do such a thing..

The look in Lucian’s eyes turned gloomy as he replied, “I feel the same way, but now isn’t the time to pursue this matter.”

All that mattered to him at the moment was helping Roxanne get better as soon as possible. Jonathan nodded. “I know what you’re concerned about, but this isn’t entirely a bad thing.”

Lucian frowned in confusion when he heard that. Jonathan flashed him a meaningful smile as he said, “The last time we had a drink, you told me that you wanted to break up with Dr. Jarvis. I wonder how do you feel about that now?”

Lucian let out a sigh and said in a deep voice, “Regardless of what I feel, this isn’t a decision I can make on my own.”

I’ve done so much for Roxanne, and yet, she doesn’t seem to be warming up to me at all.

“At the very least, you are now certain of the place that Dr. Jarvis holds in your heart. Well? Do you think you can let her go?” Jonathan asked with an eyebrow arched.

Lucian shuddered when he heard that. Am I really able to let Roxanne go? I still remember how I felt when I saw her unconscious today. I really haven’t gotten over her….

Jonathan breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the changes in Lucian’s expressions and knew he had confirmed his feelings toward Roxanne.

“Anyway, I’m glad to see that Dr. Jarvis is okay. You need to put extra effort into ensuring her safety.”

Regardless of why the culprit sabotaged the experiment, it was highly likely that they would strike again. As such, everyone would have to keep their guard up at all times.

Lucian nodded with a solemn look on his face. “I will.”

Jonathan gave him a pat on the shoulder. “Dr. Jarvis needs someone to keep her company, so you should head back inside. I’ll take my leave now to avoid disturbing you two. Is there anything else you need my help with?”

Lucian flashed him a grateful smile as he replied, “The kids are in the ward next door. I’m guessing they’re still awake right now. I had them come over in a hurry, so they probably haven’t eaten. Could you help take them out for a meal?”

Jonathan agreed to his request without any hesitation whatsoever. Lucian made his way over to the adjacent ward and knocked on it.

Sure enough, the kids were all wide awake at the time. Archie came running out of the ward the moment he knocked on the door. “What is it, Mr. Farwell? Did something happen to Mommy?”

Lucian felt his heartache when he saw how worried Archie looked. He gave him a reassuring pat on the head and said, “Your mommy is doing fine. Since you three haven’t eaten, I am thinking of having Mr. Queen here take you kids out for a meal.”

Archie shook his head and turned him down without any hesitation. “No, we want to stay here with Mommy!”

As Lucian wasn’t good at coaxing children, he didn’t know what else to say to them. Jonathan patted him on the shoulder and whispered, “Let me talk to them.”

After giving it some thought, Lucian reluctantly stepped aside and let him into the ward. Jonathan then knelt beside Archie and said, “Mr. Farwell treats your mommy really well, doesn’t he? Do you guys like him?”

Archie nodded hesitantly in response. Jonathan flashed him a smile as he suggested, “In that case, shall we head out and give the two of them some privacy?”

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