Mission To Remarry Chapter 1204

“Lucian will never notice me as long as that b*tch is still alive!” There was nothing but craziness in Aubree’s eyes. “Besides, he already suspects me. It won’t be long before he finds out what happened if she fans the flames.”

Lucian already suspects her? Frieda and Cory’s expressions shifted. “Why do you think so?” Frieda asked. Cory’s face hardened. “You didn’t tell me about. that!” He might have behaved differently if he had known Lucian was onto them.

Aubree paid no heed to their responses and continued, “I don’t know what that b*tch did to Essie, but it was annoying when Essie cried and screamed after finding out she was sick.”

I will have my revenge on that little b*tch when I am married into the Farwell family. Frieda was puzzled at the mention of Estella. “Didn’t you say your relationship with Essie has improved? Why is she still reliant on Roxanne?”

Aubree became irate. “That b*tch snuck off to the kindergarten to see Essie! Lucian would not have suspected me if it weren’t for what happened that day!”

The three of them looked at each other. Frieda finally spoke after a lengthy silence, “Roxanne is our biggest threat now, but talking about murder is outrageous.”

Aubree gave her a peeved look. “What would you have me do, then? Give up what I have now and wait until Lucian finds out it was us behind everything?”

Frieda sensed Aubree’s fury seething and smiled placatingly. “I understand your concern. None of us wants to be implicated, but we are left with no choice once we commit murder. Besides, Roxanne still commands significant influence in the medical field.”

We will be in deep water when her unexpected death rouses suspicion. I’m not following Aubree down the path of insanity!

Frieda fought a surge of annoyance at Aubree and continued earnestly, “We still have ways to keep them apart. There is no need to take such a huge risk.”

Aubree frowned. “You have other ideas?” “Don’t forget that Roxanne is close with Jack, and we still haven’t yet taken advantage of that.” Frieda’s eyes glinted with a cold light. Jack…

A thoughtful look crossed Aubree’s face as she contemplated their relationship. Indeed, I haven’t really given it a thought. Maybe Roxanne’s poisoning is an opportunity granted by God!

Both of their line of thought coincided. “Now that Roxanne is in the hospital, Mr. Damaris should be beside himself with worry. Why don’t we nudge things along by having him visit her?” Frieda suggested slowly.

Aubree already had her phone out when she finished speaking and typing out a text to Jack. Frieda drew in a relieved breath when Aubree’s homicidal intentions were momentarily diverted.

One could only hope that she would not do anything rash that would take them down with her, but Frieda was still cautious. “Don’t worry, Aubree. No matter what, you still have Mr. Zaythrone and me. Roxanne is all alone and. would not be a match against us. You will be Mrs. Farwell one day!”

Aubree could almost taste revenge at the thought of Jack showing up later and nodded firmly at Frieda.

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