Mission To Remarry Chapter 1203

Aubree had finally forgotten about the matter but Frieda’s words ignited a fire in the pit of her stomach again. “I knew it! He is at the hospital!”

Frieda breathed a sigh of relief and asked in concern, “How is the situation now? What is going on with Lucian?” She thought with Lucian allowing Aubree to take care of Estella meant he had marriage in mind, but no one could have predicted something like that would happen to Roxanne.

Old flame might rekindle if this was not handled properly! Aubree gave Cory a sideway look and replied coldly, “Roxanne is awake, and Lucian is upstairs with her. Get here, and let’s talk since Cory is also here.” Frieda eventually agreed after a moment of hesitation.

At the Queen residence, Jonathan learned of Roxanne’s coma from his employee who had delivered medicine to her research institute. He deliberated over it before calling Lucian to inform him that he would be paying her a visit at the hospital.

He noticed Frieda hurrying out of the house when he got into the car. “I’m coming with you, Jonathan.” She wore a look of concern on her face. “I want to see Lucian.”

Jonathan remembered her enmity toward Roxanne and hesitated. Frieda continued, “I’m not there for Roxanne, only to see how Lucian is holding up, so why are you worried?”

After hearing her response, he relented and allowed her to enter the car.

Although Frieda claimed she was not going for Roxanne, she kept pressing Jonathan for details about Roxanne during the entire car ride, and he only gave her perfunctory replies.

The conversation lulled, and she eventually stopped talking. The car soon pulled up next to the hospital entrance. Jonathan exited the vehicle and entered the hospital with long strides..

Frieda lagged behind, craning her head to look for Aubree while walking. “What are you doing standing there?” he urged as the elevator arrived.

She whirled around and flashed an airy smile. “You can head up first. I will leave you guys alone since I know you want some privacy to talk to Lucian. Give me a call as soon as you are done.”

Then, she sensibly took a step back. Jonathan did want to speak privately with Lucian, so he unceremoniously pressed the button to close the elevator door.

Frieda’s expression fell as soon as the elevator doors closed, and she turned around to give Aubree a call. Soon, the three of them met at a coffee shop next to the hospital.

“How is the situation, Aubree?” Frieda hurriedly took a seat opposite her with a solemn expression. Aubree replied irritably, “I told Lucian to come home with me, but he declined and wanted to spend the night taking care of that b*tch!”

Frieda’s mood grew heavier. She knew that Lucian and Roxanne would never break off that easily, but she had not expected them to get in contact so soon or that he would go out of his way for her.

I didn’t see him putting in that much effort when Aubree was hurt. “What do you plan to do now?” Frieda pressed, noticing Cory’s strange expression to what she had just said, which she ignored.

“I’m going to kill her!” came Aubree’s vehement answer. Frieda froze and stared at her in disbelief.

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