Mission To Remarry Chapter 1201

Fearing that Lucian could pick something up from her expression, Aubree didn’t dare to turn around when she talked. Although she was back facing Lucian, she could still feel Lucian’s stern gaze on her. After some time, Lucian said, “Go home.”

Aubree heaved a sigh of relief inwardly, and only then did she have the guts to turn around and smile at Lucian. “All right. I shall go home first. Take good care of Ms. Jarvis. If you need anything, feel free to call me.”

Lucian merely nodded in response. Right then, the elevator arrived at their floor. Aubree said bye to Lucian and went in. As the doors of the elevator closed, the smile on Aubree’s face gradually faded.

By the time the elevator started descending. Aubree’s expression was utterly grim. That b*tch, Roxanne, is awake! Besides, Lucian is still staying overnight to look after her! He even brought Essie with him! When I broke my arm protecting Sonya back then, he didn’t even care about me that much! It seems like he and that b*stard, Essie, are still all over that b*tch! How silly of me to treat that little b*stard with love and respect all this while. In the end, she still cares about Roxanne!

Aubree exploded in rage when she recalled the attitudes shown by Lucian and his daughter. I’ve wasted my time all this while, and this is all Roxanne’s fault! That b*tch! I must think of a way to get rid of her for good!

A vicious look crept over Aubree’s face when she thought of that. The elevator soon came to a halt on the first floor The moment Aubree exited the elevator, she bumped into Cory.

When they saw each other, Aubree’s expression turned even more hostile. On the other hand, Cory raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise. “How dare you showed up?” Aubree roared.

Cory shrugged and looked around before saying, “That’s not important. It seems like you have something to say to me, Ms. Pearson. This isn’t the right place for that.”

With that, he turned around and walked toward a quiet corner before Aubree could utter a word in response. Upon seeing that, Aubree gritted her teeth and followed behind him.

Cory was extremely cautious when he walked. At the same time, he was keeping a distance between Aubree and himself. They both came to a stop outside a restroom on the first floor, one after another.

Aubree’s expression darkened when she saw Cory waiting for her inside the male restroom. Instead of saying anything, Cory waited for her silently.

A while later, Aubree clenched her jaw and entered the male restroom. “What do you want from me?” she asked.

Cory took a cleaning signboard and put it at the door before turning around to look at her. “What do I want from you? Shouldn’t I be asking that question, Ms. Pearson?”

Aubree furrowed her brows in response. With fury written all over her face, she yelled, “I called you! Why didn’t you pick up?”

“Oh! My phone died coincidentally. I didn’t expect you to act so rashly, Ms. Pearson. It seems like you already know about Roxanne’s condition. Am I right, Ms. Pearson?” Cory raised his brows.

Aubree’s expression turned solemn at the mention of Roxanne. “She has woken up!” Surprise flashed across Cory’s eyes when he heard those words. Based on Aubree’s expression, I guess I should’ve seen it coming.

“I need you to do me another favor!” There was a hint of hostility in Aubree’s eyes when she looked at Cory.

Has she gone mad? Cory grew slightly anxious when he saw her facial expression. In a wary tone, Cory asked, “What do you want me to do?”

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