Mission To Remarry Chapter 1200

As Lucian was holding Estella, the latter’s body was twisted awkwardly to face Aubree. Estella spread her chubby arms wide and held them in front of Aubree. “You’re not allowed to go in! I don’t want you!”

Daddy and Ms. Jarvis’s relationship finally improved after much difficulty. I don’t want this. evil woman to affect their relationship again. Every time Daddy argued with Ms. Jarvis, this nasty woman would always stick her nose into their business because she didn’t want Daddy to get together with Ms. Jarvis!

Seeing Estella block her way for Roxanne’s sake, Aubree was furious, but she didn’t dare throw a tantrum and could only clench her hands to try to suppress her anger.

“Essie, do you not want Ms. Jarvis to get better soon? Don’t forget that my family knows a lot of doctors. I can get them to treat Ms. Jarvis’ illness, Aubree patiently persuaded.

However, Estella was not moved. Glaring at Aubree, she declared, “Ms. Jarvis has already recovered. She doesn’t need any more treatments!”

After what had just happened, Estella was immensely sensitive to the word “illness,” so after she heard Aubree’s words, she flew into a fit of rage.

Aubree’s face fell when she sensed Estella’s abrupt anger, and she looked at Lucian, perplexed. “Lucian, I meant well. What do you think…”

Lucian threw her a glance and replied in an impassive tone, “There’s no need for you to worry. It’s late. You should go back and rest.”

Seeing that Lucian was also preventing her from entering the ward, Aubree clenched her jaw so tightly that her teeth hurt.

Still, she tried to persuade Lucian to leave, not giving up. “Then let’s leave together. You and Ms. Jarvis aren’t close anyway, and you’ve helped her enough. If you’re still worried, I can hire an experienced caregiver for her. If word gets out that you stayed with her for the entire night, it will affect your reputation badly.”

As Lucian had a long, tiring day at work, he was feeling irritated, so his face immediately darkened upon hearing Aubree persistently asking him to leave.

“Word won’t get out! Even if it did, Ms. Jarvis saved Essie twice, so I should take care of her to repay her. No one will dare to say anything!”

Not expecting such words, Aubree was stunned. “Do you have anything else to say?” Lucian asked, shooting her an icy glance.

Intimidated by his domineering aura, Aubree opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out, so she could only shake her head silently.

“Then you can return.” Lucian turned back indifferently. Estella also retracted her arm and hugged Lucian’s neck, showing Aubree the back of her head. Gazing at their backs, Aubree clenched her hands even tighter.

After a moment, she squeezed out a semblance of a smile and answered, “Then, I’ll go back first. It’s late. Don’t stay up too late taking care of her. Rest early.”

Then, she turned to leave. Suddenly, Lucian’s voice sounded behind her. “Did you go and see Roxanne again on the day she visited Essie?”

Lucian was deeply bothered by what Benny said before the latter stopped himself. Immediately, Aubree froze in her tracks, terrified. Did Lucian find out what I did that day?

Immediately, she forced herself to calm down. According to his personality, if he really knew something, he would immediately take action. He won’t be questioning me like now. It’s the same as the time I hit Essie.

At that thought, Aubree replied, pretending to be confused, “What are you saying? I have no reason to go and see her again. We have already made things clear before you.”

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