Mission To Remarry Chapter 1199

“Lucian!” Just when Lucian was hesitating over how her should reply to Estella, the lift suddenly stopped on the top floor, and Aubree walked out..

Upon hearing Aubree’s voice, Estella turned. around to look at her, teary-eyed, before turning back to hug Lucian quickly. Estella’s face was flushed with all her crying, and she looked incredibly upset.

Upon seeing that, Aubree felt a sense of resentment. She knew without thinking it must be because of Roxanne that Estella was bawling her eyes out.

I didn’t expect Essie to be so reliant on that At the same time, Aubree also felt relieved. If Essie is crying so badly, that means Roxanne is probably still unconscious.

Seeing the myriad of emotions flashing across her face, Lucian frowned in displeasure and asked, “Why are you here?” before turning back to look suspiciously at Cayden.

Cayden immediately shook his head to show he didn’t leak their location to Aubree. He also wanted to know why Aubree showed up.

After gathering her thoughts, Aubree smiled nonchalantly and replied, “You haven’t returned even though it’s so late, and Cayden also went to fetch Essie late at night. I was worried something happened to you two, so I followed Cayden’s car and came here.”

Then, she looked pretentiously at Lucian and asked, “You aren’t angry at me for coming here on my own accord, right? I was just too worried about you.”

Lucian gazed at her scrutinizingly with no emotion on his face while Cayden stood beside him, confused.

I worked under Mr. Farwell for so many years, so I can tell whether someone is tailing me. I didn’t sense any car following me when I drove over here. Perhaps I missed it because I was too worried about Ms. Jarvis?

After staring at Aubree for a while, Lucian did not see any sign that something was off about her. Naturally, he did not believe what she said, but it wasn’t time to look into the matter now.

Casting her a cold glance, Lucian announced, “You have seen me. I’m fine. You can return now.”

Aubree clenched her hands and seemed to still have many things she wanted to say. However, Lucian didn’t plan on paying her any attention.

“When I went to the hospital, I met the director, and I heard him say Ms. Jarvis got into an accident, so you’re here to take care of her,” Aubree began after mustering her courage.

It was a feeble excuse, but she couldn’t think of anything else. Lucian’s eyes darkened. “He told you that?”

Immediately, Aubree hurriedly corrected, “No, I accidentally heard it, so I rushed over. How is Ms. Jarvis now?”

Then, she tried to walk around Lucian to enter the ward and take a look. I will only feel assured when I see with my own eyes that that b*tch is unconscious!

However, she had only taken one step forward when Lucian blocked her way.

Startled, Aubree stopped in her tracks embarrassedly. “Lucian, don’t misunderstand. I mean no harm to Ms. Jarvis. We know each other, and now she’s sick and hospitalized, and I’m coincidentally at the hospital, so I should visit her out of courtesy.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Estella’s voice rang out. “No!” she sobbed as tears streamed down her face. Aubree froze, and a hint of anger appeared in her eyes, shattering her pretense, but she quickly suppressed it.

“Essie, I’m just going in to take a look. I may even be of some help if need be,” she declared, grinning as she gazed at Estella who was in front of her.

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