Mission To Remarry Chapter 1197

Mere moments after Aubree sent the text, Cory’s reply arrived. Cory: Roxanne is currently at the hospital, having been admitted after being poisoned and losing consciousness. She has just been wheeled out of the emergency room and is still unconscious.

Aubree exhaled sharply upon reading the text. That b*tch! I hope she will never regain consciousness. That way, Lucian will be mine!

Cory sent another text: Mr. Farwell and the three children are at the hospital with her. I don’t know the current situation as they are on the top floor. It will be too obvious if I head up there.

Aubree’s expression changed immediately. Gritting her teeth, she replied: Why didn’t you tell me something this important earlier?

At the other end, Cory rolled his eyes int exasperation. Lucian’s men were keeping tabs on him, so it was pretty hard for him to follow Roxanne.

Most importantly, Roxanne was currently with Lucian. He had gone to great lengths to discover that, but Aubree was insatiable. After some thought, Cory couldn’t be bothered to answer her question. He sent her the name of the hospital and switched off his phone.

Aubree took one look at the name of the hospital and pocketed her phone. She hurried to her car and left.

If I’m not mistaken, Cayden came earlier to give Essie a ride to this hospital. Why would he bring Essie there? Cory is unaware of the current situation on the top floor. Does that mean that b*tch Roxanne has regained consciousness?

As Aubree pondered further, her anger intensified. She floored the accelerator, driving faster and faster.

I thought Lucian will give up on that b*tch since he came back to me. Why is he still treating her that well? I can hardly believe that he’s at the hospital, staying by her side late into the night! I wish I had done something sooner to prevent them from getting back together for good. It’s too late now.

Aubree knew she had to head to the hospital as soon as possible to check on Roxanne’s current situation.

I need to remind them of her presence so they wouldn’t get back together that swiftly. That way, I will get more time to deal with that b*tch.

A vicious look crept over Aubree’s face when that thought occurred to her. I was too kind to that b*tch. I should’ve killed her without hesitation!

Soon, Aubree’s car rolled to a stop before the hospital entrance. She took deep breaths to calm herself down before marching into the hospital.

Her initial plan was to look for Cory in the lobby to gather information on the current situation. However, Cory was nowhere to be seen. She searched everywhere and tried calling his phone, but it didn’t get through.

A wave of fury crashed through Aubree as she kept her phone. Clenching her jaw, she strode into the elevator. I can still deal with Lucian and that b*tch even without Cory’s tip.

Upstairs, the kids were whispering among themselves in the ward next to Roxanne’s..

Benny asked worriedly, “I wonder how Mommy is doing.” Archie gave his arm a reassuring pat. Turning to look at Estella, he replied, “Mr. Farwell is with her, so she’ll be fine.”

Although he did not witness it himself, he knew that Lucian must have gone back to keep Roxanne company. Benny nodded slowly and relaxed. Archie added, “But we can’t miss the opportunity!”

The kids knew what he was referring to. Their eyes sparkled at his words, but the happiness was soon replaced by frowns.

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