Mission To Remarry Chapter 1195

As Benny wasn’t about to say anything, Lucian turned to look at Roxanne. Roxanne’s lips thinned as she flashed a smile. “It’s nothing. I promised Ms. Pearson to keep a distance from you.

After a near-death experience, I pondered over my decision and realized I had too many reservations earlier. I am concerned about Essie, so I should’ve asked about her despite Ms. Pearson’s warning.”

Her face showed that she was overcome with feelings of regret and guilt. Lucian gazed at her for a few moments. Noticing no indication of any abnormality, he ceased his inquiry.

He didn’t really trust Roxanne’s words, but he remembered the specialists’ reminder earlier and decided to question Roxanne about the details after her recovery.

Thus, the topic came to an end. Roxanne heaved a sigh of relief silently and told the children, “It’s late, so you should head home and get some rest. You can visit me tomorrow.”

Naturally, the children refused to do as told and shook their heads. Roxanne had to shoot Lucian a pleading look.

Lucian’s brows knitted together. He could understand the children’s feelings.

“It’s late, so I believe it wouldn’t be wise for the kids to travel back home. There’s an unoccupied room adjacent to yours. Why don’t they rest there for the night?”

He then looked at the kids, seeking their opinion on the arrangement. The three children nodded obediently. Roxanne relented. “Thank you, Mr. Farwell.”

Lucian inclined his head and led the kids out of her ward. Cayden was still waiting outside the ward. Seeing them, he greeted, “Mr. Farwell.”

Lucian ordered, “Bring them to the adjacent ward so they can spend the night there.” Cayden grunted in acknowledgment. He quickly cleared the said ward so the children can rest there.

Lucian stood at the door and supervised him. He only left after Cayden put the kids to bed. Cayden fixed his gaze on Lucian’s back and suddenly remembered something. He hastened after Lucian and cried out, “Mr. Farwell!”

Lucian halted in his tracks. “What is it?” Cayden turned over his shoulder to look at the children before gesturing for Lucian to head to the corridor so they could talk there.

Lucian’s brows scrunched up as he walked out of the ward.

“When I picked up Ms. Estella earlier, Ms. Pearson was also there. She asked me where you were. Should I tell her what happened?” Cayden asked softly.

The mention of Aubree’s name jogged Lucian’s memory of what Benny had stated earlier. The little boy was interrupted before he could finish what he wanted to say.

The only evil woman Lucian could think of was Aubree.

With that thought in mind, he spoke coldly. “Since you kept the information from her when she inquired, there’s no need to deliberately inform her now.”

Cayden’s assurance increased upon hearing Lucian’s reply. A grin tugged at the corners of his mouth as he nodded in agreement. “How is Ms. Jarvis faring?” he queried, showing concern for Roxanne.

Lucian glanced at the closed door of the ward. “She’s awake and her condition has stabilized Thank you so much for your help.” “I’m glad that she’s fine.” Cayden smiled in response.

I would much rather tire myself out if it meant that Mr. and Mrs. Farwell could patch things up than for Ms. Pearson to marry Mr. Farwell.

Lucian patted his shoulders. “Thank you. If you’re tired, you can rest in an empty ward. I’ll give you a day off tomorrow.”

Cayden nodded and shot him a warm smile. He watched as Lucian stepped inside Roxanne’s ward. A feeling of joy and contentment flooded through Cayden as the door to the ward closed in front of him.

Mrs. Farwell was severely ill, but her condition finally prompted Mr. Farwell to take action. It is only a matter of time before they reconcile. Isn’t this a blessing in disguise?

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