Mission To Remarry Chapter 1194

Archie and Benny quickly put in a good word for Lucian. “Mommy, Mr. Farwell was worried about you and he also took good care of us.”

Roxanne felt a wave of helplessness overwhelming her heart when she realized the kids were siding with him. She couldn’t help but notice Lucian’s worn-out appearance. It was clear to her that he was really worried about her.

However, that didn’t mean that she could accept him without any reservations. As Roxanne struggled to think of a way to respond to the children, Lucian interjected, “This is a matter for us adults, so stay out of it. Your mommy has just woken up. You should talk to her.”

Roxanne felt a sense of relief deep down, grateful for Lucian’s intervention in the situation. Despite that, she still dared not look up at him and only offered the children a tremulous smile.

The kids stopped pressuring Roxanne for an answer. They gathered around her and began recounting the amusing occurrences at their kindergarten.

Archie and Benny talked for some time when they realized Estella was silent. Growing curious, they asked, “Essie, are you happy at your new kindergarten?”

They had always pondered about that, yet they never got the opportunity to meet up with Estella. When they finally met up, Roxanne got sick, and it wasn’t until now that they finally had the chance to ask her this long-awaited question.

Roxanne’s heart sank upon hearing their question. The previous time I visited Essie, she was bullied by the other kids. I wonder how she’s doing there now.

Lucian had taught the parents a lesson, but Roxanne was worried that the kids would hold a grudge and ignore their parents’ warnings. She cast Estella a worried look.

Estella blinked twice before turning over her shoulder to look at Lucian. I still want to go back to the old kindergarten to be with Archie and Benny.

Nevertheless, Lucian looked straight at Roxanne and explained, “Essie is doing well in her kindergarten. Her teachers are caring, and I’ll ask about her day every day.”

Roxanne was taken aback as she didn’t expect to hear his explanation. A moment of silence passed before she nodded, her emotions a tangled mix. “I’m glad to hear that. I was concerned-”

Before she could finish, Lucian cut in, “If you’re concerned, why didn’t you visit her for so long?”

Roxanne froze in shock. Lucian should know why I didn’t visit her. After all, he saw Aubree and me fighting that day.

However, Roxanne couldn’t bring herself to say that reason out loud. Lucian stared at her darkly as though waiting for an answer.

After some time had passed, Roxanne hung her head in dejection. “I apologize for having so many reservations.” It wasn’t clear who her apology was meant for.

Archie and Benny shared a look as they recalled Aubree who showed up that night. Seeing how remorseful Roxanne looked, they couldn’t help but explain, “Mommy didn’t do that on purpose. That evil woman-”

“Benny!” Roxanne chided, cutting him short. Benny fell silent, looking aggrieved. He wanted to voice his complaints to Lucian, but if Roxanne refused to let him speak, he would still respect her wishes.

Mommy’s sick, so I can’t make her angry. I should listen to her and be an obedient boy. Roxanne stopped Benny in time, but Lucian realized something was amiss. “What happened?” he asked, furrowing his brows.

Benny gazed down at the ground and awkwardly placed his hands behind his back as he vigorously shook his head.

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