Mission To Remarry Chapter 1193

As she listened to the children showering Lucian with compliments, Roxanne felt another rush of emotions, despite having finally regained her composure just a short time ago.

Back when the specialists examined her body, they had told her the same thing. She didn’t know what to say and had to cut them short.

Never in her wildest dreams did she know that the children would mention it again a few minutes later. This time, Lucian could hear them as he was standing at the door. She had no choice but to face him now.

With that thought in mind, Roxanne forced herself to look at the man standing next to the door. “Thank you, Mr. Farwell. Sorry for causing trouble again today.”

Initially, Roxanne expected Lucian to either tease her in his usual manner or dismiss the situation and tell her that it was no big deal.

To her surprise, Lucian’s face was devoid of expression as he nodded and said darkly, “Yes, you’ve caused me a huge deal of trouble.”

Roxanne was taken aback by his response, and for a moment, she didn’t know how to reply. Even the kids were surprised.

We finally created a chance for Daddy to make up with Mommy. Why does Daddy seem upset? “Daddy!” Estella ran over to Lucian and tugged the edge of his clothes anxiously.

However, Lucian remained unfazed and strode over to Roxanne’s bed. Roxanne felt a chill go down her spine at the sight of his expressionless and dark gaze.

Slowly, Lucian revealed, “I was in the middle of an important meeting when I received the news. I couldn’t believe my eyes when Cayden showed me his phone. Ms. Jarvis, don’t you pride yourself on being an exceptional traditional medicine doctor? Why can’t you take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety during an experiment?”

Roxanne hung her head guiltily. Her lips twitched, but she had no answer to his questions. It was true that she was careless today.

Although the experiment clearly showed signs of being abnormal, she still evaluated its safety. using standard procedures and ultimately made a faulty judgment.

“Even if you don’t consider your own safety, you should take Archie and Benny to heart. They have lost their father. Do you think they can handle losing their mother as well?” Lucian chided sharply.

Estella felt that Lucian was far too angry and huffed in frustration. “Daddy, stop it! Ms. Jarvis is still sick!”

It was only after hearing Estella’s voice that Lucian belatedly realized that he had become too emotional. Surprise registered in his eyes. I was too upset as Roxanne didn’t take her safety seriously.

“Mr. Farwell, I understand that you are concerned for me,” Roxanne said, biting her lower lip. She summoned the courage to meet his gaze. “I acted carelessly. Please accept my apology for causing you and the children to worry. I assure you that it will not happen again.”

She knew Lucian way too well. Six years ago, or even after she returned to the country, he had never lost his composure, ever.

Coupled with the specialists’ description, Roxanne could imagine how worried Lucian was after she got into trouble. Her apology caused Lucian to furrow his brows in shock.

Previously, if he talked to her this way, they would part ways on a sour note. This time, however, Roxanne said she could understand his feelings. Lucian wondered if he was hearing things.

Estella was fast to react and immediately chimed in, “Daddy was really worried about you. Look, his eyes are bloodshot. Ms. Jarvis, can you please stop being upset with him?” She sprawled next to Roxanne, pouting pitifully.

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