Mission To Remarry Chapter 1192

A while later, the specialists exited the ward. The moment the doors to the ward were opened, Lucian immediately looked up. “How is she?”

Smiling reassuringly, the lead specialist nodded. “Ms. Jarvis woke up sooner than expected. She’ll be fine since she’d already woken up. The follow-up treatment is a lot simpler. You only have to ensure that she doesn’t get agitated throughout the period.”

Lucian nodded in affirmation and stared at Roxanne through the door. She had lain back down on the bed. As if sensing his gaze, she turned her body to the side and had her back facing the door.

Lucian’s eyes darkened in response. “Mr. Farwell, we’ll be taking our leave if there’s nothing else. I’m sure the children and you have a lot to catch up with Ms. Jarvis. We’d hate to interrupt,” the specialist said.

Nodding noncommittally, Lucian stepped aside to let them leave. The three children immediately rushed into the ward eagerly as soon as the specialists entered the elevator. Mommy!”

Archie’s and Benny’s eyes sparkled as they ran toward Roxanne. They were like two puppies as they looked at her with their large eyes.

Estella followed behind the two boys. She opened her mouth but remained silent in the end. Observing Estella, Lucian noted that she had probably mouthed the word “Mommy” like the boys.

A peculiar look flitted across Lucian’s eyes as he saw how timid Estella was. “Mommy, how are you feeling? Do you feel any discomfort?” Archie inquired with concern.

Roxanne smiled placatingly. “I’m all right. I’m sorry to have worried you. Were you very frightened?” The children shook their heads fervently. “We weren’t scared. We were only worried about Mommy.”

Although they had tried to reassure her, Roxanne saw through their facade and noticed the fear and worry in their eyes.

Her heart ached as she thought of how they must have felt earlier. “I’m really all right. I’ll always stay by your side and watch you grow up big and strong.”

Roxanne could not help but blame herself. I don’t even know what happened with the gas during the experiment today!

Thinking back, she had been extremely careless. She was the only family Archie and Benny had. Therefore, she had to take better care of herself.

“I promise I’ll never let something like this happen again.” Roxanne smiled apologetically at the children. Nodding obediently, Archie and Benny tried to comfort her instead. “Don’t worry, Mommy.

We’ll take good care of ourselves and you during this period of time.” Roxanne felt touched by their declaration.

Benny suddenly remembered Lucian, who had been standing at the door of the ward. He turned back to his mother and added sweetly, “It’s all thanks to Mr. Farwell’s help. I don’t know what Archie and I would have done otherwise.”

After this incident, the children became aware of how important Lucian was to them and they were determined to let Roxanne and Lucian reconcile. This is a good opportunity!

Sensing Benny’s intention, Archie chimed in, “Mr. Farwell stayed with Mommy the whole time! He even made Mr. Lawson take us home. Mommy, Mr. Farwell was such a huge help.”

Archie’s face was utterly serious. Unsure of how to praise her father’s effort, Estella settled for nodding her head in agreement.

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