Mission To Remarry Chapter 1191

Pursing her lips, Roxanne smiled. “Our kids happened to be in the same class, so we were already acquainted with each other.”

On the other hand, Roxanne had no idea how she would even begin to explain her relationship with Lucian to an outsider. The specialists began to give Roxanne a body. checkup.

“I can’t help but think that your relationship with Mr. Farwell isn’t that simple.” One of the specialists was still trying to make small talk with Roxanne.

Roxanne was startled when she heard the specialist’s words. She had no idea how he got the impression.

He continued, “Mr. Farwell was the one who contacted us urgently to come here today. We all thought that something had happened to his fiancée, and after arriving at the hospital, it turns out you were the one being brought in.”

When Roxanne thought about the expression that would have been on Lucian’s face, a wave of emotion rippled through her heart.

“Mr. Farwell stayed with you for a long time while you were unconscious. He was also reluctant to let the children come because he was afraid that you would be worried,” the specialist articulated each and every word clearly. Roxanne lowered her gaze, unwilling to let him see her expression.

She felt incredibly guilty. Lucian had overdone it in front of the specialists. With the sort of relationship they had, there was no need to go so far for her.

Based on her understanding, even she felt that Lucian should not treat her that well. She should not occupy such an important position in his heart.

“It’s a good thing you woke up. Otherwise, I’d be worried about our future in the medical field.” The specialist’s tone was filled with mixed emotions.

Roxanne’s heart was in turmoil. Frowning, she interrupted him before he could go on. “I’m sorry. I’m quite tired and wish to have some peace.”

Upon hearing that, the specialist realized he had overstepped his bounds, and quietly shut his mouth. Although Roxanne had finally obtained at measure of peace, she was unable to calm her heart.

The words the specialist had said were still ringing in her ears. Lucian had stayed by my side. While she was unconscious, she felt as if someone had spoken to her. Was it Lucian?

Roxanne couldn’t help but grow curious. / wonder what he said?

Meanwhile, Lucian and the three children stood outside the ward. Lucian leaned against the door of the ward and gazed through the window, monitoring the situation inside.

Through the window, he could see Roxanne speaking to someone. Her expression kept changing. For reasons unbeknownst to him, Roxanne

suddenly turned to look at the door. Lucian lowered his gaze instinctively, avoiding her gaze. The three children pressed against the gap in the door, anxious to know what was going on inside.

However, the door was shut tight. Naturally, they could not see anything. “Mr. Farwell, how is Mommy?” Benny asked an he tugged at the hem of Lucian’s shirt.

After hearing his words, Archie and Estella also abandoned their post at the door gap. They lifted their heads and stared at him pleadingly.

Lucian came to his senses when he heard Benny’s voice. He patted the little boy on the head comfortingly. “The doctors are giving her a checkup to see if there’s anything wrong. She seems to be fine.”

Although the children had managed to hold. back their tears earlier, the rims of their eyes were red. After hearing his words, their pursed lips turned up, revealing smiling faces.

Suddenly recalling something, Lucian lowered his eyes and stared at his daughter. Earlier, Estella had followed suit when Archie. and Benny referred to Roxanne as their mother. Lucian had been deeply shocked.

At that moment, he had been more concerned about Roxanne’s condition to dwell on it. Now that the latter had woken up, Lucian’s curiosity was piqued. How did Estella feel back then?

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