Mission To Remarry Chapter 1189

Slowly, Roxanne squatted to touch the little girl’s head. However, she seemed to have noticed the girl smiling at her.

Roxanne’s nose stung. She wanted to apologize to the girl, but the lump in her throat prevented her from doing so. “Get out quickly, Mommy. You’ll see me when you wake up!” the girl urged, tilting her head.

Roxanne’s eyes trembled violently. My daughter died long ago… How am I going to see her again once I wake up?

Nonetheless, the little girl gave her an urgent push. Archie’s and Benny’s cries traveled into Roxanne’s ears again.

After much hesitation, Roxanne finally stood. up. Before leaving, she could not help but look back at the tiny figure behind her.

The little girl waved. Roxanne forced a smile and marched toward the door.

“Mommy!” The children’s cries were becoming clearer. As Roxanne slowly opened her eyes, she stared at the glaring white ceiling with moistened eyes.

“She’s awake! Ms. Jarvis is awake!” The specialists who had been waiting by the door stared at her unblinkingly. The moment the crowd saw her open her eyes, they cheered happily.

Lucian, too, noticed Roxanne’s eyes were opened, and he was filled with disbelief. It was not until he heard the specialists’ voices that he snapped back to reality. Still, he could not believe what had happened.

She’s awake? He had been waiting for so long that he was about to lose hope. And now, Roxanne was finally awake.

“Mommy! Mommy!” The three children gripped her hands tightly, so tightly that she felt as if her hands were going to break. Only then did Roxanne slowly regain her senses.

Even though she was in a daze, she heard the cry of a little girl amidst all the sounds.

Thinking back to what the little girl in her dream said, Roxanne widened her eyes in surprise and looked in the voice’s direction.

The person who came into view was a teary- eyed Estella. She, too, was crying out the word “mommy” along with the boys. A self-deprecating smile crept to Roxanne’s lips when she saw Estella’s face.

My daughter died long ago. Why am I still having visions like that? Archie had been controlling himself since the beginning. Though he was also crying, he was more composed than his younger siblings..

Seeing Roxanne was awake, Archie could not hold it in anymore and burst into tears, throwing himself into her embrace. “Mommy, you’re finally awake!”

In the next second, the other two children threw themselves at her as well. It took Roxanne a few seconds to regain her senses before hugging them back.

Though Roxanne thought Estella was not the daughter who died, she had always treated Estella as if she was her own. “There, there. Stop crying. I’m fine. Sorry for scaring you. It’s my fault,” Roxanne comforted the children weakly.

However, the children did not stop crying, and it made Roxanne’s heart ache. Suddenly, a deep, hoarse voice rang out. “Do you know how long you’ve been sleeping?”

Roxanne stiffened. She belatedly noticed Lucian was present as well. I must’ve lost my mind from sleeping too long. How could the children be here if not for Lucian?

“Mr. Farwell… Roxanne slowly released the children and cast him a conflicted look. The moment she saw his face, she was stunned.

Lucian’s face was pale as a sheet paper, his eyes bloodshot, and his brows furrowed. At the same time, he looked extremely restless and frustrated.

It was her first time seeing Lucian looking so haggard.

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