Mission To Remarry Chapter 1188

Suddenly, the door was opened from the outside. Lucian, whose blood was burning with unvented anger, turned around, wanting to scold the intruder when he saw the anxious looks on the specialists’ faces.

“Hurry! Ms. Jarvis’ brain waves are showing signs of waking up!” The crowd in the room were stunned. Archie was the first to come to his senses. He tugged at Roxanne’s hand and called out, “Mommy! Mommy, wake up!”

Benny, too, followed suit. Meanwhile, Estella stood frozen beside Lucian for some time before frantically wiping her tears and hugging Roxanne’s arm. “Ms. Jarvis…”

Estella called out again. As if influenced by the boys, her words changed. “Mommy… Wake up, please…”

In no time, cries of the three children filled the ward.

When Lucian heard Estella addressing Roxanne differently, his eyes trembled, but he said nothing. He simply stood beside them and watched the woman on the bed.

Maybe she’ll really wake up since the specialists say she’s waking up soon.

In truth, Roxanne had only been unconscious for half a day, but to him, it felt as if she had been unconscious for half of his lifetime. It was the first time he realized how important she was to him.

“Roxanne, wake up, please,” he murmured softly. In the next second, a specialist cried out, “They are moving! Ms. Jarvis’ eyes are moving!”

The children cried out more anxiously. “Mommy… Mommy…”

In the meantime, Roxanne felt as if she were in a dream she could not get out of. At first, everything was dark in her dream. She could not see anything.

No matter how hard she tried to wake up, she could not. No matter how hard she called out for help, outsiders did not seem to hear her.

Just as she was feeling hopeless, she heard noises ringing out beside her ears. It sounded as if someone was murmuring into her ears.

She tried her best to catch what they were saying but to no avail.

It was not until the words “mommy” vibrated against her eardrums.

Only then did Roxanne realize they were Archie’s and Benny’s voices.

They’re here to save me! I’ve got to wake up! Roxanne kept struggling, wanting to open her eyes. She tried hard until she was exhausted, but it was fruitless.

Roxanne helplessly scanned the darkness. around her, feeling extremely sorry for the boys. I’m sorry, Archie and Benny. I really want to wake up and keep you company, but… I just can’t.

“Mommy!” Just then, a sweet, gentle voice rang in her ears. Immediately after that, her surroundings lit up slightly.

Roxanne’s heart lurched, and she looked around. That voice sounded like the child she assumed had died-the child she had been constantly thinking of “Mommy, stop sleeping!”

A little girl in a cute skirt appeared in her vision. Her face was blurry, but Roxanne could sense the former was crying.

The girl held Roxanne’s hand and led her in the dark. Roxanne was stunned to see the girl’s figure, but she did not stop the latter.

Finally, they arrived before a glowing door. The girl gave Roxanne a push at the waist, gesturing for the latter to get out quickly.

However, Roxanne could not bring herself to move. She had finally gotten to see that child. Naturally, she did not have the heart to leave the girl alone.

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