Mission To Remarry Chapter 1187

Cayden’s heart ached when he heard that. Meanwhile, Estella was staring at him with anticipation through the rearview mirror. Gulping, Cayden forced a smile. “Ms. Jarvis is with Mr. Farwell. You’ll see her later.”

Estella’s eyes lit up instantly. Cayden could feel how happy Estella was without turning around, but his heart sank at the thought of what she was about to see later.

Shortly after, the car stopped in front of the hospital. Estella had become silent long ago. Clearly, she noticed where they were heading to.

Cayden, too, moved stiffly as he uttered, “We’re here, Ms. Estella. Come on. I’ll take you in.” With that, he reached out to help her out. Right then, Estella hopped off the backseat and sped into the hospital.

Seeing that, Cayden quickly shut the door and hurried after her.

After bringing her into the elevator, he realized. her eyes were already reddened. Feeling sorry. for her, Cayden looked away for he could not bear to take another look at her face..

Thankfully, it did not take long for the elevator to reach the top floor. The moment the elevator opened, Estella rushed out and threw herself at Lucian, who was waiting outside.

Estella had been worried during the entire journey. By the time she spoke, she was already choking up. “Daddy! Where’s Ms. Jarvis? I want to see her!”

Lucian stared solemnly at Cayden, who looked utterly helpless. After some time, Lucian retracted his gaze and patted Estella’s head. “She’s asleep. Why don’t you go wake her up?”

With that, Lucian picked her up and walked toward the ward. Along the way, he said, “When you go in, try to talk to Ms. Jarvis more, okay?”

Estella nodded, sobbing. Just as they arrived at the door, Estella looked through the glass panel and spotted the boys, including Roxanne, who was lying on the bed.

When she saw the boys crying so miserably, tears began to flow down her face. Lucian’s heart ached when he heard Estella’s sobs. Even so, he kept himself composed and carried her into the ward.

“Ms. Jarvis…”

As soon as they entered the ward, Estella wriggled out of his embrace and ran toward Roxanne. “Ms. Javis, what’s wrong with you? Please wake up. I miss you so much… Don’t frighten me, please. I promise to be a good girl and not make you angry anymore…”

Benny grabbed his mother’s hand and shook it carefully. “Mommy, Essie’s here. Please wake up and look at her.”

Archie, on the other hand, was sobbing silently by the side. After watching them for some time, he realized Roxanne was still unconscious.

Biting his lips, he walked over to Lucian and asked, “Mr. Farwell, can we really wake Mommy up?”

They had been speaking to Roxanne for a long time. Even Essie had arrived. Still, Roxanne showed no signs of regaining consciousness.

Archie could not help but doubt the veracity of the adults’ words. Lucian glanced at the unresponsive woman on the bed, then at the heartbroken boy. He just could not bring himself to say anything.

After all, he began speaking to Roxanne even before the children arrived.

His doubts for the method were greater than theirs. However, he could not bear to confirm their doubts. After all, that was the children’s only hope.

He did not know how the children would react if they realized he too, believed the method was not working.

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