Mission To Remarry Chapter 1185

The specialists’ expressions turned grim when they heard that. One of the reputable doctors hurried over to the bed and performed a series of examinations on Roxanne. When he was done, he shook his head helplessly.

“What does that mean?” Lucian’s tone sounded incredibly cold. Meanwhile, Archie and Benny stared fixedly at the adults.

In response, the specialist said, “I’ve examined Ms. Jarvis, and she’s showing no signs of regaining consciousness. What you saw just now-her fingers curling-was probably just a reflex of her nerves. She’s trying her best, too, but she needs a final push.”

Right as those words left his mouth, the ward plunged into a deathly silence. Only the sound of Benny’s sobbing could be heard. Lucian frowned as he pondered deeply.

A final push. Who else does this woman care about that I haven’t thought of? Suddenly, Archie approached Lucian and tugged at the hem of his clothes. “Mr. Farwell.”

Hence, Lucian looked down at the boy while trying to lessen the iciness in his gaze. Archie suggested sweetly, “Could you let Essie come here and talk to Mommy?”

Upon hearing that, Lucian felt his heart tense. It hurt so much that he could not breathe properly Oh, right. Essie. He almost forgot Estella was just as important as the boys were to Roxanne.

Moreover, Estella was Roxanne’s flesh and blood. Maybe they’re connected telepathically to a certain extent.

At that thought, Lucian held Archie’s hand and instructed grimly, “Stay here with Mommy and keep talking to her. I’ll get someone to bring Essie over now.”

Archie’s face was wet with tears. The moment he heard those words, he broke into a smile. “Mommy will definitely wake up if Essie could come.”

The boys could sense their mother’s longing and worry for Estella At that, Lucian nodded calmly. As he walked out of the ward, he instructed Cayden, “Go to the manor and bring Estella here.”

Cayden had been waiting in the corridor after bringing the boys over.

When Cayden heard Lucian’s orders, he was stunned but quickly came to his senses. True. Ms. Jarvis was the one who gave birth to Ms. Estella. Perhaps a miracle will happen.

With that thought in mind, Cayden agreed without hesitation and hurried off.

Normally, the journey to the manor would take thirty minutes. However, Cayden had already parked the car in front of the Farwell residence after twenty minutes.

Since he knew the password to the door, he opened it and strolled into the mansion. It was already past ten o’clock at night, but the mansion was still brightly lit.

Estella’s lips were pressed together as she sat on the couch with an aggrieved look, hugging her knees at the same time. She looked as if she did not want anyone to approach her.

Standing beside her was Catalina, looking exasperated. Meanwhile, Aubree was trying to approach the little girl with a smile.

That was how it had been the entire night.

Catalina let out a quiet sigh of relief when she saw Cayden. “Mr. Lawson, please help us talk some sense into Ms. Estella. She refuses to sleep.”

When Aubree heard that, she recalled the incident where Cayden had ruined her plans. Displeased, she shut her mouth. Meanwhile, Estella glanced over with a frown.

“Ms. Estella, Ms. Pearson,” Cayden greeted them politely. Aubree merely hummed a cold response. “Mr. Farwell has instructed me to bring Ms. Estella to him,” Cayden informed nonchalantly.

As soon as he finished his sentence, Estella’s eyes lit up, and she loosened her arms around her knees. At the same time, there was a change in Aubree’s countenance. “Where’s Lucian?”

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