Mission To Remarry Chapter 1184

Lucian couldn’t help taking Roxanne to task inwardly. Are you really this ruthless, Roxanne? Archie and Benny are in tears by your bed. Don’t you feel sorry for them at all? Why are you not waking up?

Throughout it all, Archie and Benny’s weeps echoed in the hospital room. Lucian forcefully slammed his fist against the wall behind him before storming out of the hospital room.

“Well? Are her brain waves fluctuating?” The chilliness around him was so intense that it might condense into ice.

If there’s no response from Roxanne when Archie and Benny are crying their hearts out, I’ll never let these quack doctors who proposed such a dumb idea off the hook!

As a matter of fact, the specialists were also keeping an eye on the situation in the hospital room. When they saw Archie and Benny wailing, they were as anxious as Lucian.

“Mr. Farwell, you can come over here and have a look.” A specialist stood up and offered his seat, urging Lucian over for a look at the brain waves’ fluctuation.

Leaning down, Lucian swept his gaze over the screen, only to see that the curve was fluctuating violently. “The curve fluctuated as well when you spoke to Ms. Jarvis earlier, but not as intense as this.”

Pointing at the curve, the specialist continued. explaining, “It’s evident that having the kids talk to her is effective to a certain degree.”

Lucian’s brows knitted together deeply. Since Roxanne can hear the kids, why is she not waking up?

The thought of Archie and Benny weeping so hard that they could barely breathe had him seized by the urge to kill the person who poisoned Roxanne.

When the specialist glanced at the window and saw that Archie and Benny were blubbering so badly that they couldn’t speak anymore, he bit the bullet and advised Lucian, “Mr. Farwell, the kids aren’t doing so well. You should go in and look in on them.”

Putting his thoughts away, Lucian returned to the room with huge strides. “Mr. Farwell…”

Sobbing, Benny grabbed his hand and led him to the side of the hospital bed. Lucian allowed the boy’s sweaty hand to grab onto him. Reaching the hospital bed, he stared down at Roxanne’s sleeping countenance.

Sniveling, Benny asked, “Can Mommy really hear us? Why… Why is she not awake yet?”

Lucian lifted his hand and patted the boy on the head in consolation. In an uncertain tone, he assured, “Yes, she has heard you. She’s also trying her best to wake up. Let’s help her by continue talking to her.”

Skepticism was written all over Archie and Benny’s faces. Regretfully, Lucian didn’t know how else he could comfort them. Benny couldn’t resist reaching out and giving his mother a push.

Following that, Roxanne’s body swayed. Upon seeing that, Lucian frowned slightly. Just as he wanted to stop Benny from doing so, Archie’s voice drifted into his ear.

“Mommy!” Archie had seemingly discovered. something. He snapped his eyes up at Lucian. “Quick, look, Mr. Farwell! Is Mommy going to wake up?”

Lucian’s heart skipped a beat, and he swung his gaze in the direction where Archie was pointing.

Roxanne’s hand outside the covers seemingly twitched. In that instant, all three of them held their breaths as they stared at the hand unblinkingly.

A few seconds later, Roxanne’s pinkie curved slightly but returned to its initial state in the blink of an eye. It was as though that was merely their illusion.

Assuming that their mother would be regaining consciousness soon, Archie and Benny waited with anticipation. Alas, Roxanne remained motionless. Benny anxiously grabbed her hand. “Mommy, hurry up and wake up. I’m scared…”

Frowning deeply, Lucian went over to the door and summoned the specialists. “Her hand moved earlier. Why isn’t she awake yet?”

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