Mission To Remarry Chapter 1180

Oblivious to Lucian’s thoughts, the specialists cautiously explained the current situation to him. “When you talked to Ms. Jarvis just now, there were fluctuations in her brain waves. However, they weren’t enough to wake her up. Greater stimulation is required.”

The instant Lucian heard that Roxanne’s brain waves fluctuated upon hearing his voice, his scrunched brows eased imperceptibly. A specialist ventured, “Do you know whether there’s anything or anyone she cares about?”

In response, Lucian nodded. Well, of all things, she’s most concerned about Archie and Benny. Relief suffused the specialists when they saw him nod. “In that case-”

Just as they were going to suggest having the people Roxanne cared about to come and talk to her, Lucian coldly cut them off. “They’re both kids, so I don’t want them to know about this matter unless absolutely necessary.”

Hearing that, the specialists went silent and nodded in understanding.

It was understandable that learning about their mother in a coma would be too much for two children to bear. Alas, they couldn’t think of any other way besides that.

After a moment of silent contemplation, Lucian announced, “I’ll go in and try again.” Naturally, everyone didn’t dare object to that..

Whirling around, Lucian entered the hospital room with huge strides, stopping beside Roxanne once more. “I’ve already had Cayden drive Archie and Benny back. They’re now waiting for you at home. How much longer are you going to make them. wait?”

Outside, the few specialists were filled with shock. They couldn’t hear what Lucian was saying to Roxanne, but the latter’s brain waves had suddenly started fluctuating violently.

In a solemn voice, Lucian asserted, “You’re the only parent they have. What is to become of them if you don’t wake up?”

Again, Roxanne’s brain waves fluctuated markedly.

“Then, there’s Essie.” Lucian paused briefly before continuing, “You promised her that you’d visit her again these two days. She had been waiting for you. Just earlier, she said she wanted to see you. When do you plan on keeping your promise to her?”

Despite his lengthy monologue, the woman on the bed showed no signs of waking up. His brows creased even deeper, and his gaze grew darker.

He went silent for an indeterminate time before urging in a deep voice, “Hurry up and wake up. As long as you wake up, I’ll do anything. Haven’t you been avoiding me? If you wake up, I promise to never again…”

A flicker of desolation glinted in his eyes as he vowed, “As long as you wake up, I can promise to never again appear before you nor allow anyone to disrupt your life.”

Outside the room, the few experts stared at the curve fluctuating incessantly on the screen. Every so often, they stood up and peered into the room through the window on the door.

But no matter how massive the fluctuations were, the patient in the room showed no signs of regaining consciousness. Just as they were planning to go in and inform Lucian about it, the hospital room door was pushed open from the inside without warning.

Lucian stalked out, looking all grim and forbidding Sensing the chilliness radiating off him, everyone exchanged glances.

A while ago, they were thinking of voluntarily entering the room to notify him about the situation. Right then, however, no one dared to trigger him. “M-Mr. Farwell…”

Zayne regarded the man in front of him fearfully. “Your method isn’t at all effective!” Lucian scoffed icily. I droned on and on, but Roxanne showed no signs of waking up. If I were to continue staying in there, even I can’t tell what I might do!

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