Mission To Remarry Chapter 1178

“What about traditional medicine, then? Can she be awakened with traditional medicine?” Lucian asked all of a sudden.

The few specialists exchanged a glance. “We did consider that, but we imagined that the efficacy would be negligible. On top of that, you and Ms. Jarvis would have to bear some risks since the toxins had already infiltrated her cranial nerves.”

As Roxanne’s condition had already progressed to such a point, the issue of her regaining consciousness took precedence. Then, they could continue with the next treatment.

Even if the best traditional medicine practitioner were to come over, he or she might not be able to accomplish that feat. What was more, Roxanne’s cranial nerves had already been affected by the toxins.

If it were them, they wouldn’t dare simply take the risk to perform acupuncture on the head. It went without saying that Lucian wouldn’t risk Roxanne’s life either.

Furthermore, he was, in all honesty, reluctant to use the methods of traditional medicine. If he were to invite a traditional medicine practitioner over, the best within the country presently would be none other than Jack.

Unless Roxanne’s life was in danger, he would never consider allowing the two of them to have any contact.

Upon hearing that it would be risky, he resolutely dismissed that notion. He then pinned a dark look on the few specialists, the threat in his voice blatant.

“No matter what method you use, she must wake up. If that doesn’t happen, don’t ever dream of working in the medical field anymore!”

He had always been a person who kept his word. At his threat, the few specialists hurriedly murmured an acknowledgment. All the while, they inwardly lamented miserably.

It’s not that we don’t want to cure her, but she had inhaled too much poisonous gas and wasn’t sent to the hospital on time…

However, in the face of the man’s threat, they had no choice but to go all out to figure out a solution. As they were racking their brain for a way to wake Roxanne, a series of knocks sounded on the office door without warning.

It was the nurse who assisted in the operating room earlier. She was also the person in charge of taking care of Roxanne. “I’m not sure what happened just now, but there are fluctuations in the patient’s brain waves!”

The nurse sprinted all the way there, so she was still panting slightly when she spoke. At her exclamation, everyone in the office was shocked.

During the emergency treatment, Roxanne’s brain waves remained static. Regardless of whatever they did, there hadn’t been any fluctuation.

Yet, her brain waves had fluctuated earlier. They all felt it must have been when Lucian was in the hospital room. “What did you do just now, Mr. Farwell?” someone questioned in surprise.

In a daze, Lucian cast his mind back to when he was in the hospital room. “I merely… said a few words to her.”

Other than that, I can’t think of having done anything special. Or is Roxanne so determined to avoid me that she’d still have a reaction to my approach even while unconscious?

At his reply, the few specialists looked at each. other once more. A long while passed before one of them admitted, “If someone important to her were to talk to her, there is indeed a possibility of her waking up.”

Subsequently, Zayne tentatively proposed, “Why don’t you give it another try, Mr. Farwell?”

Lucian was skeptical. “Will it really work?” “You’ll know after trying. We can observe Ms. Jarvis’ brain waves at all times. If there’s fluctuation, it’ll prove that it’s indeed effective!” a specialist replied.

However, Lucian was still a touch hesitant. Someone important to her… Am I considered someone important to her? She wants nothing to do with me!

While he was wavering, the specialist’s reminder again firmed his resolve. “Time is running out, Mr. Farwell. The longer Ms. Jarvis remains unconscious, the lower the possibility of waking her!”

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