Mission To Remarry Chapter 1177

“Roxanne.” Lucian couldn’t resist calling out to Roxanne, harboring a glimmer of hope that she would open her eyes and wake up upon hearing his voice.

Alas, there was no response from her even after his voice had rung out for a long time. Boring his gaze into her, he leaned down and drew close to the woman on the hospital bed.

If she even had a shred of awareness, she would probably struggle to regain consciousness and spring away from him the instant she saw him approaching. But this time, she lay there motionlessly and allowed him to draw so close to her that they were merely inches apart. Still, the tempo of her breathing didn’t even change.

Only then did Lucian realize that he hadn’t studied Roxanne in such close proximity in a long time. Her features were still exquisite, but she inexorably looked sickly.

Looking at her pale face, a flash of hesitancy flittered across his eyes. A moment later, he slowly reached out and caressed her face with the tips of his fingers.

“Are you mad at me? The doctors had been working on you for hours, but why are you still not awake? Is it because you want to see me wallowing in regret?”

Needless to say, the woman on the bed didn’t react in the slightest. Seeing her comatose, Lucian felt that his emotions would likely spiral out of control if he were to remain there.

He forced himself to straighten up before fixing his gaze on Roxanne. “I’ll be back in a while. I hope you’re awake by the time I return.”

After saying that, he spun around with a hardened heart and left. Verily, he couldn’t stay in the hospital room anymore.

Otherwise, he himself couldn’t tell what he might do. Having seen Roxanne’s current condition, he felt somewhat relieved. Although he was still enraged, he no longer. wore his emotions on his sleeve. Instead, he calmly walked into Zayne’s office..

“Mr. Farwell!” Right then, Zayne and the few specialists were discussing Roxanne’s condition. Following Lucian’s entry, they all shot to their feet and greeted him.

In turn, Lucian inclined his head expressionlessly. “How are things going? How exactly is she doing now? And how long will it take for her to wake up?”

The few medical personnel looked at each other. “Uh… The specialists had stated earlier that Ms. Jarvis life isn’t in danger at present. She’s just in a coma,” Zayne answered timidly.

Judging from his tone, he seemed to be implying that being in a coma was a positive result. Lucian’s gaze promptly turned cold, and he glared at the man in chagrin.

Zayne hastily went silent before gingerly trying. to make amends. “Mr. Farwell, Ms. Jarvis’ current condition is already the result of the specialists working on her. If you hadn’t summoned these specialists over in advance, she might have very well…”

If it weren’t for these specialists on standby, she might have very well died! “I don’t want to hear that.” Lucian’s gaze fell on the few specialists. “Have you all come up with a method to wake her?”

Compared to his threat earlier, his tone was much better then. Unfortunately, they were still helpless about the matter.

“According to our findings, the substance that poisoned Ms. Jarvis is an exceedingly rare gas. Generally speaking, only major research institutes have the capability of producing such a gas.

But then, researchers are also aware of the toxicity of the gas and will take protective measures when conducting experiments. This is our first time encountering a condition like hers, so we have to be extra careful in treating her,” the leading specialist explained patiently.

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