Mission To Remarry Chapter 1174

Meanwhile, Estella had a gloomy look on her face as she sat in Aubree’s car. “Essie, your father wanted me to pick you up because he’s busy with something,” Aubree explained patiently.

She tried calling Lucian earlier, but she wasn’t able to get through because he declined her call. That led Aubree to assume that Lucian would never let her near Estella ever again.

Right as she was racking her brain to come up with another solution, Lucian called her back and asked if she could pick Estella up from school. Naturally, Aubree was overjoyed when she heard that and drove straight to Estella’s school.

Estella’s smile faded the moment she saw Aubree show up at the front gate. Lucian had been the one driving her to and from school ever since that incident.

She only reluctantly agreed to accept the new kindergarten because Roxanne had promised. to visit her every now and then. However, a few days had passed, and she had yet to see Roxanne at all.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, even Lucian did not come to pick her up that day. “What would you like to eat, Essie? I don’t think your daddy is coming home for dinner tonight, so I’ll take you out to dinner instead.”

Aubree was doing everything she could to win Estella over, but Estella simply pursed her lips and stared out the window, ignoring the woman’s words.

Even so, Aubree didn’t give up and tried again, “How about I bring you shopping for a new toy? I saw a store selling really pretty dolls!” When she glanced at Estella through the rear- view mirror and saw that Estella wasn’t even looking at her, she lost it.

Lucian has been really cold to me lately, and now, his daughter is ignoring me completely. Is it because that b*tch has been visiting them?

As Aubree happened to be stuck in a traffic jam, she decided to vent her anger and frustration by honking at the cars in front.

Frightened by the sudden, loud honking. Estella turned around and curled up in a corner fearfully. There was a hint of glee in Aubree’s eyes when she saw Estella’s reaction.

Ha! I knew it! This little brat just needs a little bit of punishment! Estella was starting to get scared when she sensed the change in Aubree’s attitude. “I want Daddy!”

Aubree frowned when she heard that. She was about to scold Estella for being troublesome, but on second thought, she realized she had been presented with an opportunity to talk to Lucian.

With that in mind, Aubree flashed the little girl a smile and asked, “Do you miss your daddy, Essie? Why didn’t you say so?”

She then pulled out her phone and gave Lucian a call while Estella watched on nervously. I want to speak to Daddy, but she’s holding the phone so far away from me. I don’t know what I can tell Daddy!

This time, Lucian answered the phone rather quickly. Aubree’s eyes lit up when she saw how quickly the call got through. However, the smile on her face was frozen in place when Lucian said, “Essie?”

She shot Estella a discreet glare through the rear-view mirror before saying in a sweet voice, “Essie says she misses you, Lucian.” “Why didn’t you come to pick me up today, Daddy?” Estella asked with a pout.

Lucian glanced in the direction of the emergency room when he heard his daughter’s piteous tone. “I’m busy with some work at the moment. Go on home with Ms. Pearson first,” he said, sounding exhausted.

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