Mission To Remarry Chapter 1171

The seconds continued to tick by, but the doors to the emergency room remained shut. Lucian’s heart grew increasingly heavy as he waited in the silent corridor outside.

There are at least five specialists in there! What is taking them so long? How is Roxanne doing? Maybe I should just open the doors and go check on her! No, I can’t do that! I need to be rational here. Stay calm, Lucian….

Having dismissed that thought, Lucian slumped weakly against the bench in the corridor.

It’s just like what the director said. Roxanne is a doctor who has saved countless lives in the past. She is kind, so I’m sure she’ll be all right. For the sake of the two kids, she will definitely do whatever it takes to make it through!

He was snapped out of his train of thought when his phone started ringing all of a sudden. Thinking that it could be something important, Lucian quickly whipped his phone out of his pocket.

However, his face sank when he saw Aubree’s name on the caller ID, and he declined the call without any hesitation whatsoever. He was about to put his phone away when he noticed the time and realized it was already evening.

Oh, the kids are about to get off school…

He massaged his aching forehead as he glanced at the doors to the emergency room. which were still tightly shut, and tried to calm himself down.

After taking a moment to regain his composure, Lucian dialed Cayden’s number. The call got through after just a few rings.

“How may I help you, Mr. Farwell?” Cayden asked anxiously. He was the one who told Lucian about Roxanne’s poisoning, and Lucian had been gone for quite a long time ever since.

As such, it was only natural for Cayden to assume that something bad had happened to Roxanne Lucian sounded exhausted as he said, “I need you to go pick up Archie and Benny from the kindergarten.”

Cayden felt his heart sink as he figured he was probably right about his assumptions.

Realizing something bad must have happened, he heeded his employer’s order and said cautiously, “Understood. Where will I send them after picking them up, Mr. Farwell?”

Those two are still so young. I can’t just take them to their unconscious mother, can I? Their little hearts won’t be able to handle such shocking news!

“I want you to send them home,” Lucian replied after giving it some thought. “What if they ask about Ms. Jarvis? What will I tell them?” Cayden asked worriedly, distressed for the two young boys.

As Lucian hadn’t taken that into consideration, he couldn’t seem to come up with an answer.

I have no idea when Roxanne would recover and be able to go home. Also, there’s no telling if she’ll… Well, I can’t know for sure if she’ll even make it out of the emergency room alive.

Cayden was losing his mind from anxiety induced by the prolonged silence on the other end of the phone. After what seemed like forever, Lucian said, “Do as you see fit.”

He then hung up the phone before Cayden could ask any further questions. Cayden fell speechless and stared blankly at the screen of his phone.

Do as I see fit? How would I know what to tell them if I don’t have any information on Ms. Jarvis’ condition? Archie and Benny and incredibly smart, so I don’t think I’ll be able to lie to them, but I can’t bring myself to tell them that Ms. Jarvis’ life is in danger either…

Cayden found himself in a dilemma all of a sudden. Since class would soon be over, Cayden had no choice but to suppress his feelings and steel himself while heading over to the kindergarten..

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