Mission To Remarry Chapter 1170

Right as Lucian arrived at the hospital, the hospital director came over to greet him. “Mr. Farwell.” The look of anger remained on Lucian’s face. “How is she?”

“She’s in the emergency room. The doctors you hired are all inside as well,” said the director with a meek smile as he trailed behind Lucian.

Soon, Lucian came to a stop outside the emergency room as the medical staff gathered around him. The sign outside the emergency room was still lit, and no one knew what was going on inside.

“What did the specialists say when the ambulance reached?” Lucian asked in a low voice. At that, the director sneaked a glance at Lucian’s expression before frowning, troubled.

“Speak!” Lucian whipped his head toward the director and glared at him.

It was only then the director shakily said, “The specialists said that.., Ms. Jarvis is in a bad state. They can only do their best to save her, but they can’t guarantee that they’ll be able to succeed…”

Roxanne had made a name for herself in Horington’s medical field because of the previous news. Everyone was impressed by Roxanne, who was a rare sight in the medical field.

Thus, the director recognized her as soon as she was brought into the hospital.

After explaining the situation to Lucian, the director quickly added, “Please don’t worry. We’ve changed the equipment in the emergency room to the top ones. As long as the specialists do their best, nothing will go wrong.”

Lucian knitted his brows. Even though he had already found out about Roxanne’s situation from Jack, his heart still plummeted when he heard that even the specialists could not guarantee her safety.

“Mr. Farwell, Ms. Jarvis is a good person, and nothing will happen to good people,” the director reassured, trying his best to cheer Lucian up.

However, Lucian only found him annoying and snapped, “You can leave now. I’ll wait for her here by myself.”

Hearing that, the director clamped his mouth shut and sheepishly nodded. “Please let me know if you need anything.”

Then, he left the corridor with the group of doctors and nurses. Silence descended over the area. Lucian lifted his head to stare at the lit-up sign, feeling unusually frustrated.

Ever since Roxanne came back to the country, she immersed herself in various research. I wonder if she ever expected a day like this where she would end up on the verge of death because of what she’s passionate about. If she comes out of this safe and sound…

Lucian’s eyes darkened. If Roxanne comes out of this safe and sound, and if she gets back together with me, I won’t let her work herself to death anymore.

Alas, those were merely things he hoped would happen.

Lucian tore his eyes away from the sign and sat down on the bench with a grimace. He then decided to stare at the door of the emergency room instead.

It has only been ten minutes since she went in. I can wait. Maybe those specialists have found a way to save her, Lucian reassured himself in his mind. Nonetheless, another wave of frustration hit him.

What’s going on with me? She won’t come back to me anymore, so why should I get so anxious for her? Even if things do go wrong…

Lucian gritted his teeth, struggling.

So what if things do go wrong for her today? I’ve already found the best doctors and prepped the best medical equipment for her. I’ve been benevolent enough to do all that for her, so why am I sitting here, waiting for her now?

With that thought in mind, Lucian moved to rise to his feet. However, when he looked at the closed doors, he could not lift his legs as if they were weighed down by lead.

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