Mission To Remarry Chapter 1169

No. That’s not possible. Jack wasn’t around when I did it. Moreover, Roxanne’s unconscious right now, so I’m the only one with the right to check the surveillance cameras of the lab. No one will be able to check the footage without my permission. Even if Jack is suspicious about my involvement, there’s nothing he can do if I deny everything.

With that thought in mind, Colby relaxed. “Weren’t you the one who has been working on the experiment with Dr. Jarvis lately? I wasn’t sure about your experiment’s details, and that’s why I didn’t dare to open the bottle right away- that’s why I asked you guys to take a look at it.”

In other words, he was implying that he had stayed away from the lab countertop to ensure that the experiment would go smoothly without his presence.

After hearing his explanation, Jack looked at. him skeptically before saying, “Dr. Galloway, don’t you think it’s such a coincidence? Why did something happen precisely when I wasn’t around?”

Colby shrugged, his expression remaining unchanged. “I’m not sure either.”

Then, he shifted the topic and said, “What’s most important now is Dr. Jarvis’ condition. I wonder how she is right now. Where did Mr. Farwell take her to? Can we visit her?”

The mention of Lucian caused a dark look to descend upon Jack’s face again. “Why did Lucian find out about Ms. Jarvis’ poisoning?”

Colby stiffened, but he soon uttered in a confident tone, “Dr. Jarvis seems to be in a good relationship with Mr. Farwell, who’s in charge of the powerful Farwell Group of Horington. Of course I’m going to look for Mr. Farwell after what happened to Dr. Jarvis. I was hoping he could provide her with the best medical resources.”

The grim look on Jack’s face turned even more intense. “Dr. Galloway, have you forgotten that the Damaris family is more well-known in the medical industry?”

Colby retorted calmly, “I did, but you didn’t seem like you were going to send her to the hospital, and I couldn’t convince you otherwise. So, I had no choice but to look for Mr. Farwell.”

Jack glared at him for a few more seconds before uttering, “I hope that really was what happened.”

With that, Jack strode toward his car. Colby’s voice sounded out behind him. “Mr. Damaris, when will we continue with our research?”

As if he did not hear Colby, Jack closed his car door and drove away from the research institute. Jack had a sneaking suspicion that Colby was involved in both the poisoning incident and the fire at the research institute.

However, for now, he neither had the evidence to prove that nor did he have the time to look into the matter.

Although Colby was acting suspicious, there was one thing he had gotten right-what was most important at that moment was Roxanne’s condition.

Where did Lucian take her to? Delight danced in Colby’s eyes as he watched Jack’s car head down the road. He’s finally gone!

For the past few days, Colby would feel annoyed every time he saw Jack’s luxury car parked by the research institute’s entrance.

He did not want to see Jack around at all. Even though Roxanne never really paid him any heed in the past, he had been the only one by her side in the research institute.

Hence, Colby could lie to himself by thinking that he still had a chance with her. Yet, ever since Jack got into the picture, Jack had taken over Colby’s position and diminished the last flicker of hope within him.

At present, Colby finally got rid of Jack. In fact, it seemed like his efforts had not gone to waste-he had succeeded in pitting Lucian against Jack.

If everything went as he planned, he could stand on the sidelines and watch the drama unfold.

While Lucian and Jack were busy fighting against each other, he would choose the right time to appear by Roxanne’s side. Colby refused to believe that Roxanne would still turn a blind eye to him by then.

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