Mission To Remarry Chapter 1157

Aubree was getting out of line. Afraid that Archie and Benny could hear her, Roxanne decided to open the door and confront her. “Are you done, Ms. Pearson? If you are, please leave,” she uttered.

When Aubree saw that Roxanne had finally stepped out of the mansion, she became even more enraged. “How dare you come out! What is it? Are you hoping for Lucian to come over to help you?” she snarled at the sight of the latter’s face.

Annoyed, Roxanne frowned. “As I’ve said. before, I’ll distance myself from them. I only went to the kindergarten today because I wanted to know how Essie was doing. If those kids didn’t bully her, I wouldn’t have met Mr. Farwell, and no one would’ve known I was there.”

Then, she enunciated a promise. “From now on, as long as Essie is well, I’ll stay out of your lives.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” Disdain was written all over Aubree’s face. “Do you think I would still believe your words? Where are those two b*stards? Get them to come out! I want to show them their mother’s true colors! They should know how you’ve seduced someone else’s fiancé!”

Roxanne’s expression turned grim when she heard her words. “Aubree Pearson, get out of here if you’re done making a scene, or else I’ll call the police!”

“Go on! I’d like to see if the police will side with me, Lucian’s fiancée, or you, the homewrecker!” Aubree sneered. At that moment, Archie and Benny had just finished their discussion, and they could vaguely hear an argument going on downstairs.

It sounded like someone called Mommy a homewrecker…

Perplexed, the boys ran to the balcony and looked downward, only to find Aubree standing in front of the entrance of their mansion. She was scolding their mother with sheer venom in her expression.

“Listen to me-you’ll never get Lucian’s attention no matter what you do! He didn’t have feelings for you six years ago, and that hasn’t changed since then! I’m the only woman who’s worthy enough to be by his side!” Aubree fumed. “Besides, there’s no way the Farwell family would accept those two b*stard children of yours!”

It was as though she uttered that reminder because she was afraid Roxanne had forgotten all about it.

Hearing her repeatedly call Archie and Benny with such a derogatory term infuriated Roxanne, who walked up to her with a frosty expression.

“What’s the matter with you? Are you going to hit me?” Aubree mocked. As soon as those words fell from her lips, a cute voice rang out from above. “Watch out, Mommy!”

In the next second, cold water poured down on Aubree, drenching her from head to toe. The woman froze momentarily before she regained her senses a few moments later and looked up furiously.

On the balcony, Benny stood on a stool and made a face at her. “There’s no way Mr. Farwell would fall for an evil woman like you!”

“You little b*stard! Get down here! I swear I’ll teach you rascals a lesson!” Aubree yelled at Archie and Benny hysterically. However, the boys were not the least bit intimidated by her. “This is what you get for scolding our mommy, you evil woman!”

Overwhelmed with rage, Aubree wanted to walk past Roxanne to storm upstairs. Archie’s and Benny’s rash actions took Roxanne by surprise as well. However, she could not deny that she was inexplicably exhilarated by it.

Despite that, she was worried that Aubree would try and harm the boys, considering how angry the latter looked. Therefore, she gave her a stiff apology on behalf of her children. “Ms. Pearson, they didn’t do it on purpose. They’re just kids, so please forgive them.”

With that, Roxanne looked up and shot a glance at Archie and Benny, signaling them to go along with her. Pouring water on her to vent our anger is sufficient. We’ll only end up on the losing end if we get into another trouble.

However, Archie and Benny acted as though they did not notice her gaze. With arms akimbo, they uttered matter-of-factly, “We did it on purpose! Let’s see if you still dare to scold Mommy!”

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