Mission To Remarry Chapter 1153

A wave of fury crashed through Aubree upon the thought of Lucian and Roxanne being together. Why does this woman keep showing up everywhere?

However, she forced a smile as she couldn’t express her disgust for Roxanne since Lucian was around. On the other hand, Roxanne never thought Aubree would call out to her when she was about to leave.

It would have been rude of her if she ignored Aubree. With that thought in mind, Roxanne paused in her tracks, turned around, and greeted Aubree coldly, “It’s been a while, Ms. Pearson.”

Aubree smiled. “If I remember correctly, your kids don’t study here. So what brings you here today, Ms. Jarvis? Are you planning to transfer them to this kindergarten so they can attend school with Essie?”

Roxanne’s heart sank at that. She could tell what Aubree was hinting at even though she didn’t say it straight to her face..

Aubree was accusing her of using Archie and. Benny to approach Lucian by transferring her two kids to the same kindergarten as Estella.

Roxanne denied her accusation without hesitation as soon as she realized what Aubree was getting at. “You’re overthinking things, Ms.. Pearson. Archie and Benny are doing fine in school. I have no plans of transferring them over, nor do I have the time and effort to do so.”

Aubree chuckled casually and started to put on an act. “It’s okay. I can help if you ever want to transfer your kids over. Essie likes being friends with Archie and Benny. It’ll be good company. for her.”

Roxanne’s lips twitched. “That won’t be necessary. I only came to check on Essie.” “Essie is well taken care of. You have nothing to worry about, Ms. Jarvis,”

Aubree continued coldly, “You have nothing to do with Essie. Moreover, you are Lucian’s ex- wife. It will be in our best interest for you to keep your distance from Lucian and Essie as we are getting married soon.”

Lucian’s and Roxanne’s faces fell when Aubree mentioned their divorce. Roxanne lowered her eyes and balled her hands into fists.

She was reminded of how she had brought her two kids up alone in a foreign country after the divorce. At the moment, all her hardships in the past six years turned into hatred for Lucian and Aubree.

She wouldn’t have landed in such a huge mess if not for the two of them. She couldn’t understand why she would want to worry herself about some kid Lucian had with another woman now that she was back.

A wave of sadness washed over her as she smiled bleakly upon that thought. Aubree, standing by Lucian’s side, was about to say something more to make her stand but was interrupted by Lucian.. “Are you done?”

Aubree gulped as she was jolted back to her senses. Only then did she realize she was being too arrogant just now.

“I’m sorry, Lucian. I was worried since Ms. Yaxley told me she saw a suspicious individual barge into the kindergarten and interact with Essie.”

She pushed the blame onto Pamela and Roxanne brazenly. Then, she turned to Roxanne and said kindly, “It’s not that I’m stopping you from visiting. Essie. I just hope that you can let me know. beforehand in the future so that I can give Ms. Yaxley a heads up.”

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