Mission To Remarry Chapter 1152

Roxanne shuddered in fright. “That’s enough!” Lucian’s dangerous tone of voice terrified her. Nonetheless, he wasn’t about to let her off. “Wouldn’t becoming Essie’s mother make you feel more at ease?”

Her chest felt tight, and she had difficulty breathing upon his words. This wasn’t the first time Lucian had asked her that question, but her answer remained the same.

This round was no different. She gritted her teeth and pulled away. “You’re overthinking things. I care for Essie because feel bad for how much she relies on me. That’s it.”

Lucian closed in. “I wonder what Essie would think of this when she learns that you care for her only because you feel bad for her.”

Roxanne’s heart fell when she heard him. She gritted her teeth and met his eyes. “I do like Essie, but that doesn’t mean I must become her mother. After all, I don’t intend on taking advantage of you, and I believe you don’t, too.”

Lucian’s eyes darkened. “How are you so sure that I don’t?”

Her pupils constricted as her heart shook. Is he saying what I think he’s saying? If that’s so… How could he say something like that? Isn’t he getting married to Aubree soon?

The words Lucian had spoken to her when he was courting her flashed through her mind, and she suddenly thought of a possibility.

Up till now, Lucian was merely looking for a mother Estella would like. That would mean Aubree might still be under consideration. Roxanne’s eyes turned cold at that thought.

“Don’t say something so misleading, Mr. Farwell. I already have Archie and Benny. I don’t have the energy to care for one more child. I’m sure Ms. Pearson will do a great job caring for Essie if you insist on finding a mother she would like, even if it is for your sake.”

Roxanne lowered her eyes and kept her emotions under control. “I’ve said everything I need to say. If there’s nothing else, I will take my leave”

Lucian’s eyes darkened. He reached out and grabbed her wrist with great force. Roxanne turned to look at him. She was about to speak up when an ear-piercing honk sounded.

She turned toward the direction of the sound instinctively A car rolled to a stop behind hers. The next thing she knew, Aubree stormed out of the vehicle with a grim expression.

“Ms. Pearson’s here.” Roxanne looked away as she reminded Lucian of Aubree’s arrival. Lucian frowned, turned around, and gave Aubree a glance.

Roxanne quickly pulled away. She got into her car nonchalantly and was about to leave when Aubree called out to her. “Ms. Jarvis, it’s been a long time. Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

Roxanne could tell from Aubree’s tone that she was angry. Aubree approached Lucian with an awkward smile and fixed Roxanne with a murderous stare. How dare she show up here?

Aubree was secretly glad she was on good terms with Pamela as Pamela was the one who notified her the moment Lucian met up with Roxanne.

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