Mission To Remarry Chapter 1137

Roxanne was surprised by her son’s words. She knew they had always been very sensible and had always taken good care of Estella However, what she didn’t expect was that they had been thinking about this even more than she did.

Benny chimed in sweetly, “Mommy, please talk to Mr. Farwell about this. We’re worried that Essie might get bullied, and we won’t be there to protect her.”

Roxanne felt her chest tighten at the mention of Estella being bullied. She recalled the incident when Estella had been bullied by her classmates when Archie and Benny first entered the classroom.

Back then, the boys had stepped forward to protect Estella and helped her to smoothen things over with her classmates.

However, now that Estella was in a new kindergarten, she no longer had any playmates she was familiar with. Roxanne was worried that if Archie and Benny weren’t beside Estella, the past would repeat itself.

There’s a possibility that it would be just like what the boys said. Estella would beostracized by the other kids.

Thinking about this, Roxanne relented and said, “All right, I’ll have a chat with Mr. Farwell regarding this soon. That being said, you guys need to prepare yourselves to transfer to another kindergarten.” The boys’ eyes lit up.

Mommy’s willing to talk to Daddy! It doesn’t matter what they’ll be talking about. At the very least, this will end the silent war they’re waging against each other. Besides, we’re the ones who brought up the idea of transferring kindergartens, anyway. This way, we’ll be able to keep Essie’s condition from deteriorating further.

With that thought in mind, the boys agreed to it without hesitation. Roxanne flashed a smile and tousled the boys’ hair. “It’s getting late now. Get some rest.”

Since they had achieved their goals, the boys nodded at her obediently in response. As Roxanne walked out of the boys’ room, words from their conversation earlier kept replaying in her mind, making her feel slightly guilty.

She had always thought that matters between adults should be kept between adults and children should not be involved in them.

However, because of her relationship with Lucian, all three children had their lives affected in some way or the other. The case was especially true for Estella, whose condition kept relapsing.

At the end of the day, Roxanne reckoned this was all because of her determination not being strong enough. All she wanted at first was to avoid Lucian, but somewhere down the line, she got involved with him again instead.

She wanted nothing more than to take care of Estella, but because of her relationship with Lucian, she had no choice but to treat the little girl indifferently.

Now that she thought about it, Archie’s and Benny’s words reminded her of something.

Since I’m involved with Essie now, and her condition is affected because of me, I should be firm with my decision. No matter what my relationship with Lucian is, I should prioritize Essie’s condition. At the very least, I should make sure her condition is stabilized. This way, I will not have any regrets.

Roxanne headed back to her room and hesitantly drew up Lucian’s number from her phone. She hadn’t contacted him ever since they fought that day. Naturally, Lucian did not take the initiative to contact her either.

Roxanne tapped into his contact detail and hesitated. Even though all she needed to do was to tap her finger down on her screen, she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

After all, their interaction last time had ended on really bad terms. Roxanne had no idea how to start the conversation with him.

After hesitating for a while more, she glanced at the time and saw that it was near midnight.

Lucian should already be asleep at this time, right? Taking that into account, Roxanne eventually put her phone away Now that I think about it, there’s no need for me to go through Lucian in order to know about Essie’s condition.

I can always find out which kindergarten Essie goes to and go check on her during her recess. It’ll be even better if I can see that she’s getting along well with the other children so that I won’t be so worried.

That was the last thought that surfaced in Roxanne’s mind as she fell asleep.

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