Mission To Remarry Chapter 1131

Jack froze for a few seconds before coming to some kind of realization and agreeing to it. The two of them then went out of the research institute.

A look of delight danced across Colby’s face when he saw them leave. Ever since Jack came for Roxanne, Colby had been keeping his focus on the two.

Therefore, he saw the look of struggle on Roxanne’s face. Evidently, what he had said in the morning was effective.

Meanwhile, Roxanne came to a stop in her tracks at the entrance of the institute with mixed feelings still surging in her heart. In the meantime, Jack stopped behind her.

“Sorry” Roxanne had calmed herself down on their way out and realized that she had been a little too carried away earlier.

Jack raised a brow and teased, “What’s the matter? Why are you apologizing to me all of a sudden? You couldn’t have secretly done something terrible to the project, could you, Ms. Jarvis?”

Roxanne shook her head immediately. “Of course not.” I’ve done so much for this project. Why would I do anything bad to it?

Jack chuckled. “I’m just joking. Still, I have no clue as to what could possibly make you apologize to me other than this.”

Roxanne lowered her gaze. “I just think that my attitude earlier wasn’t too good.” “I don’t think it’s a big deal. I don’t mind any kind of attitude from you as long as your research goes well.”

Jack was making it clear that they only had a professional relationship. However, Roxanne only felt even guiltier upon hearing his words.

Jack shares the same thought as I do-he’s only doing so much for the research institute to ensure that the project goes well. But here I am, getting suspicious about Jack’s intentions because of some stupid gossip.

“So, Ms. Jarvis, was there something you wanted to tell me by asking me to come here?”

Jack queried.

His words pulled her out of her thoughts, and she found herself unable to string a sentence in response, Originally, she had wanted to tell Jack that they

should keep a distance from each other. Yet, she had to swallow those words after what Jack said. When Jack heard nothing from her, he lifted a brow questioningly.

Finally, Roxanne quietly said, “Let me thank you on behalf of the research institute for the batch of medicinal herbs this morning, Mr. Damaris.”

Jack stood transfixed for a moment before a smile appeared on his lips. “Did you ask me to come out here to say this?”

Roxanne guiltily averted her gaze before nodding.

At that, Jack deliberately fell silent for a few seconds before suggesting, “Since you would like to thank me, Ms. Jarvis, why don’t you…

thank me by making me some homemade food?”

Roxanne’s lashes fluttered, and she inhaled sharply. Jack’s earlier words had made her think that she had mistaken him, but now, his request seemed a little too intimate.

Seemingly sensing the difficult situation he had put her in, he smiled and added, “There is no rush. If I’m going to eat what you’ve made, I’ll certainly want to try a dish you’ve mastered. Please prepare for it and get me to try it once you’re ready.”

In a way, Jack was giving her the chance to digest his words. However, Roxanne’s head remained hanging as various emotions flashed past her eyes.

Alas, she was the one who mentioned how grateful she was for Jack’s help. Thus, the request he made was something she would not be able to reject after that.

Furthermore, the request was not something urgent. That meant that he might change his mind over time. With those thoughts in mind, Roxanne agreed to it. “Okay.”

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