Mission To Remarry Chapter 1129

After sending Estella into the car, Lucian left. Aubree started the engine and slowly drove toward Estella’s kindergarten. On her way there, she tried to tell the girl not to take what she had said the day before to heart.

However, no matter what she said, it was as if Estella could not hear her-the girl just kept fidgeting with her fingers. Aubree gritted her teeth at that. It took her a long time before she managed to stop herself from actually hitting Estella.

After sending Estella to the kindergarten, she dared not linger around, fearing that her urge to hit the girl would reveal itself if she were to stay there a second longer.

On the other side, Roxanne sent Archie and Benny to the kindergarten early in the morning.

She found out that Lucian was not going to send Estella there anymore, so there was no need for her to stay away from the kindergarten anymore.

Furthermore, she knew that the boys were feeling awful lately. If she sends them to kindergarten herself, the boys would be in a better mood.

Upon reaching the entrance, Roxanne suddenly recalled something. In a worried tone, she said to the boys, “You can’t sneak off to look for Essie even if you miss her. If you really want to meet her, you have to tell me about it.”

Roxanne would not know what to do if the boys sneaked off to look for Estella again.

Lucian clearly wanted to cut ties with me based on the way he left. Well, it’s what I wanted all along too. I don’t want Lucian to think that I’m regretting this.

The boys obediently answered, “Got it, Mommy” Roxanne then patted their heads apologetically before asking them to enter with Pippa.

After watching the boys disappear from her line of sight, Roxanne turned and went back into her car. At the same time, she let out a sigh of relief.

She had been wracked with worry since waking up about whether or not the boys were going to ask her what happened after she called Lucian.

Archie and Benny knew her too well, they would figure out her lies swiftly. If they really interrogated her about the matter, Roxanne would not know how to answer them.

Fortunately, it seemed like Archie and Benny had forgotten about the matter after Jack’s appearance the day before.

Even after stopping the car at the research institute’s entrance, Roxanne was still feeling conflicted. That was why it took her a while to register the two minivans parked before the research institute. “Dr. Jarvis.”

Colby was with a few researchers, and he was instructing the workers to transport the medicinal herbs.

His expression changed when he saw Roxanne, but he soon schooled his expression to a neutral look before walking over to her nonchalantly.

Roxanne pursed her lips and smiled at him before casting a confused look at the busying workers. “These are…”

With a smile, Colby explained, “I heard that these are a batch of medicinal herbs given to us by Mr. Damaris. Mr. Damaris said that he has already told you about it.”

Roxanne froze for a second before finally recalling the conversation she had with Jack.

Jack did mention that he was going to send a batch of medicinal herbs to the research institute when he came to deliver me the book about ancient medicine yesterday.

However, Archie and Benny threw a tantrum then, so Roxanne did not manage to find out more about the batch of herbs. I never thought that he would give me such a large batch.

“Dr. Jarvis, our research institute could get enough supply of medicinal herbs all thanks to your good relationship with Mr. Damaris,” Colby politely said when he noticed that Roxanne was in a daze.

As he spoke, his gaze was fixed on her face, seemingly trying to catch her changing her expression.

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