Mission To Remarry Chapter 1127

Lucian nodded, his expression giving nothing away as he continued to have breakfast with Estella. Estella was reluctant to go to school, and she ate exceptionally slower than usual.

Her appetite plunged with Aubree’s sudden visit, and it took a turn for the worse when the woman expressed her intention of sending Estella to school later. Estella put down her fork gloomily.

Lucian did not make much of her demeanor and assumed that Estella was only acting out because she didn’t want to go to school. In a low voice, he ordered, “Follow Ms. Pearson after you’re done with breakfast.”

Estella’s face sank. She gave her father a puppy eyed look.

However, before she could say anything. Aubree’s voice rang. “Don’t worry. It’s still early. Essie can still have more food if she’s not done yet.”

Estella furrowed her brows and shot her a look. Aubree was afraid that the little girl, if unhappy, might tell Lucian what happened yesterday. Hence, Aubree didn’t give her a chance to speak.

Noticing that Estella was looking at her, Aubree immediately said, “Are you done, Essie? We can go now if you’re done with your breakfast!”

Estella puffed her cheeks in exasperation, as Aubree interrupted her right when she was about to talk. Aubree grew more and more apprehensive as she trained her eyes on Estella.

“I’ll see you guys to the door.”

Lucian was thinking that even though Aubree’s relationship with Estella had recently improved, the little girl might still need to get herself used to Aubree taking care of her. He wanted to help the two of them get along.

Then, he put down his fork and started to clear the table. Estella was alarmed when she noticed Lucian standing up. “I don’t want to go to school!”

Lucian frowned. “If you don’t go now, it’s going to be more difficult for you to get used to getting along with others.”

Estella remained seated in her chair and turned her head away grumpily to avoid Lucian’s gaze, making a physical proclamation of her protest.

The atmosphere between the father and daughter became very tense in the dining room.

Aubree hadn’t expected that that would happen and took a few moments to fully grasp the situation.

“Lucian, Essie is still young. Don’t force her. If she really doesn’t feel like going to school, so be it. I know a friend who can do homeschooling-”

Lucian interrupted in a cold tone before she could finish, “No. We can’t indulge her.” The thought of letting Estella be homeschooled did cross his mind as well. However, when he thought about how Estella

had been doing recently, Lucian was suddenly reminded of his initial intention of sending his daughter to kindergarten.

It was imperative for Estella to get along with others to improve her condition, and it would be best that others approach her.

Besides, it had taken her so much effort to improve her condition by this much. If she continued to stay cooped up in the house, Lucian was afraid that Estella might relapse.

That was definitely not something he wanted to witness. “But…” Aubree pretended to take Estella’s side.

Naturally, she was hoping that the little girl would go to kindergarten. Otherwise, she would have lost her chance to show herself in front of Lucian.

However, there were times when concessions had to be made.

It was apparent that Lucian had already made up his mind. He turned around to head for the door, not caring whether Estella had tried to keep up.

At the sight of her father turning her back. against her, Estella was aggrieved. Even Ms. Pearson is saying that it’s all right if I don’t go to school. Why does Daddy insist that! go?

Moreover, it was obvious from Lucian’s body language that he would no longer pay heed to her if she didn’t keep up.

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