Mission To Remarry Chapter 1123

Estella said piteously with teary eyes, “I want to talk to Ms. Jarvis, Archie, and Benny…”

Lucian could not bear to see his precious daughter crying, so he stroked her head and comforted her, “How about another day when. I’m not busy?”

“Really?” Estella grabbed his sleeves and probed. If Daddy is willing to give Ms. Jarvis a phone call, does that mean there are chances for them to reconcile?

Lucian nodded without a change in expression. “Yes.” Essie would have come to accept Aubree by the time I finish my work. She won’t bother me to make the phone call by then.

Unaware of Lucian’s thoughts, Estella broke into a smile as she thought her father would eventually call Roxanne.

Afraid that Estella would mention Roxanne again, Lucian patted her head and said, “All right, get some rest. I have work to do.”

Estella nodded obediently as she watched. Lucian get up to leave. Meanwhile, Aubree was driving to the Pearson residence with delight.

As soon as she walked through the door, Gina called out to her. “What took you so long? Did Lucian ask you to stay for a meal?”

Gina knew that Aubree went to pick up Estella from school. At that moment, Aubree was in a great mood.

Upon hearing Gina’s question, she was suddenly reminded of something and sat down beside her mother with a smile, holding the latter’s arm.

Feeling puzzled, Gina asked, “What did you guys talk about to make you so happy?”

Aubree grinned and replied, “When are you free? Lucian wants to treat you to a meal.” “What?” A joyous smile formed on Gina’s face. instantly.

They had waited for this moment for years. They had invited Lucian for a meal dozens of times throughout the years, but the latter turned down their offer each time.

Therefore, they could not believe that Lucian would take the initiative to meet them this time.

Aubree smiled proudly, extremely pleased with herself. “Lucian was the one who proposed it. I was taken aback too.”

Astonishment flooded Gina once again. “What’s wrong with Lucian these days? Why the sudden change?”

As soon as she finished the sentence, she remembered something and pursued, “How’s your relationship with Estella now?”

Upon hearing Estella’s name, Aubree felt her head hurt.

“We were fine this morning, and even Lucian thought we were getting along quite well. However, when we got home from kindergarten…”

Gina’s heart sank at once. “What went wrong?”

Aubree told her what had happened in the car. Panic seized Gina when she learned that Aubree had made Estella upset again.

“Lucian must have believed that Estella has accepted you, which is why he’s treating us to a meal. This can’t go on. You have to fix your relationship with Estella.”

Aubree was also filled with frustration. The smile on her face faded away slowly when she heard her mother’s words. “I’m also thinking of a way.”

Frowning, Gina looked at Aubree and suggested, “Since Lucian has invited us for a meal, I don’t think he will oppose it if you want to stay at the Farwell residence.”

Aubree’s eyes lit up when she heard Gina’s suggestion.

I almost forgot about that! If I can stay in the manor, I can spend more time with Estella. By then, I won’t have to worry about not having the opportunity to strengthen our ties.

With that in mind, Aubree came up with an idea. “Also…” Gina’s voice sounded again. “What happened between Lucian and Roxanne?”

Lucian’s persistence toward Roxanne was. evident to all of them. Therefore, they were curious about his sudden. change of mind.

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