Mission To Remarry Chapter 1120

Aubree called Lucian when it was almost Estella’s dismissal time and requested to pick the little girl up from school. Lucian did not give it too much thought and assented to it as he thought there wouldn’t be a problem since the two were getting along fine earlier that morning.

Ever since Estella got spooked out in class the other time, her classmates started to see her as a weirdo. For the entire day, many of her classmates shot her a look of disgust.

Because of that, Estella did not want to play with them too. The arduous day at school made her miss Archie and Benny even more, and she was extra dejected after school.

When the little girl followed behind the teacher and saw the person waiting for her at the entrance, her face immediately fell.

“Essie!” Aubree, not noticing the expression on the little girl’s face, went up to her warmly.

Pamela politely greeted Aubree and took the initiative to share Estella’s performance in school. “Essie is a good girl in class today. It’s just that she’s not very familiar with the other children and so she isn’t very enthusiastic during games. But I’m sure she’ll do better after a few days.”

Hearing that, Aubree bobbed her head in acknowledgment. “Thank you so much.”

Pamela quickly plastered a smile on her face. “It’s what I should do. The credit should go to her parents for bringing her up well.”

Only after exchanging a few pleasantries with Pamela did Aubree recollect that she had yet to finish her task-to fetch Estella back home.

By then, the little girl was so hungry that her tummy had gone flat, and her gloomy mood became worse than before.

Aubree bade goodbye to Pamela apologetically and brought Estella into the car. “Ms. Yaxley says you’re not enthusiastic during games. Is it because you don’t like the other kids in class?”

Estella’s behavior that morning had probably given Aubree the illusion that she could converse with the little girl casually.

“I know you want to play with those two boys, but they can’t possibly come over to accompany you. That’s why you have to try to make new friends soon.”

As soon as Aubree finished speaking, Estella blew her top off and lashed out, “I don’t want to!” Archie and Benny will come to visit me! I will still play with them in the future! I don’t need new friends!

Aubree was taken aback by Estella’s attitude. “I’m saying it for your own good. You will only get well if you make more friends.” “I am not sick!” Estella retorted.

It was only then Aubree realized she had said the wrong thing. “I don’t mean it that way. I merely thought…”

She wanted to make things right again, yet did not know how to continue. After all, that was exactly what she meant. It was just that she had forgotten to cover it up.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Can you forgive me, Essie?” Aubree carefully apologized after a short pause. Sadly, Estella did not bother to give her any form of response..

Aubree was undoubtedly in deep regret. It had not been easy for her to stop Estella from ignoring her. Yet now, their relationship had returned to square one because of her wrong choice of words.

On their way home, Aubree tried her best to salvage the situation. Despite her umpteen attempts at explaining herself, she failed to garner a response from the little girl again.

As the car slowly rolled up at the Farwell residence’s entrance, Aubree felt an inexplicable sense of remorse surge within her.

She recalled how Lucian said himself just that morning that her relationship with Estella had improved. Hence, she did not want him to see how things were between her and the little girl now.

Unfortunately, Estella had absolutely not intention of cooperating with her and strode into the house with her bag. Lucian had just returned home from work as well. The minute he saw Estella walking in, he noticed the expression on her face.

“What’s wrong?” Lucian asked concernedly as his brows knitted into one line. Estella, however, only pursed her lips and glanced at him silently. Without spouting at word, she headed upstairs with her bag.

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