Mission To Remarry Chapter 1119

Jack smilingly agreed, “I’ll take my leave first. Look through these medical books and contact me anytime if you have questions.” Gratitude filled Roxanne’s eyes. “I will.”

Just like that, they walked toward the door one after another. Before getting into the car, Jack whipped his head back and cast Roxanne a mysterious glance.

Noticing the man’s gaze, Roxanne scrunched her brows in puzzlement. “It’s truly a pity to miss the opportunity to dine with you tonight, Ms. Jarvis.” Jack’s face was plastered with disappointment.

Roxanne was visibly stunned for a brief moment but politely replied, “There’ll be opportunities in the future. Besides, I still have to thank you for providing medicines for our research institute, Mr. Damaris.”

Jack arched an eyebrow. “If you want to thank me, how about you personally whip up a meal for me, Ms. Jarvis?”

Without waiting for Roxanne’s reply, Jack added, “I’m sick of those restaurants out there, and I thought you probably have impressive cooking skills. I wonder if I have the privilege to taste the dishes you make.”

Roxanne couldn’t say no since the man had put it that way. Thus, she could only agree. “If you wish, Mr. Damaris, I can cook for you. But I hope you won’t be disappointed.”

Jack raised his brows and chuckled. “I won’t be disappointed as long as you’re the cook.”

As his words fell, he turned and got into the car. “It’s a deal then. You’ll cook me a meal next time. It’s late today; I’ll head back first.” Roxanne nodded absentmindedly.

Is it just me, or does his attitude seem a little weird just now? We have always been nothing more than business partners. Why would he suddenly request for me to cook him a meal? Isn’t that a bit too intimate?

After watching the car depart, Roxanne headed back into the mansion, overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Meanwhile, Archie and Benny came downstairs after hearing the commotion.

Thinking about her promise to Jack just now, Roxanne could not help but feel a hint of guilt surge within her as she was aware of how repulsive the boys were toward Jack.

“The food’s getting cold. Quick, come and eat.”

She was attempting to divert the kids’ attention. Benny wore a sullen expression. “Mommy, how long more do you have to work with Mr. Damaris?”

Roxanne frowned in frustration. “That isn’t something I can decide on.”

Benny had wanted to say something more, but Roxanne quickly scooped some food for him and said, “That’s enough. Hurry up and eat.”

Knowing that Roxanne did not want to harp on the subject anymore, the boy reluctantly zipped his mouth.

As much as Archie had tried to explain the situation to him and told him how his actions would put Roxanne in a tight spot, Benny still could not control himself.

Mommy hasn’t had any contact with Daddy recently. In contrast, she meets Mr. Damaris almost every day. If this goes on, who knows if Mommy will feel something for Mr. Damaris?

While those thoughts were running through Benny’s mind, Roxanne was totally clueless about it. For some reason, she was especially troubled that day.

For one, she was worried about Estella. And two, she felt something odd about Jack’s behavior earlier. That was why she was not in the mood to care about Archie and Benny’s feelings.

As Roxanne finished the meal restlessly, she inevitably felt an unnerving feeling rise within her again as she recalled her promise to the boys that she would call Lucian to check on Estella’s condition.

Fortunately, it seemed like Archie and Benny had forgotten about the matter after Jack’s sudden appearance and thus did not urge her about it.

Roxanne secretly heaved a sigh of relief, pretended nothing had happened, and watched the boys fall asleep before returning to her room.

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