Mission To Remarry Chapter 1118

Roxanne froze in shock when she heard that. She was well aware of how much Archie and Benny liked Lucian. Similarly, they also knew that she hadn’t been seeing Lucian ever since things went south between them.

As such, Roxanne was surprised to see them being so stubborn about this. For a moment there, she even wondered if it would be better to let Archie and Benny go with Lucian instead.

However, she was quick to suppress that thought. I’ve been working so hard all these years so l could live a comfortable life with Archie and Benny! All that hard work would be for nothing if I were to lose them!

After taking some time to think about it, Roxanne bent over and patted Benny on the head.

“Don’t say such things ever again, okay? Mr. Farwell is Essie’s daddy. As for you two… Well, you’ll get to have your own daddy someday.” she said with an apologetic look on her face.

Benny frowned and looked like he was about to say something in protest.

“I know you two don’t like Mr. Damaris. Don’t worry, he and I are strictly business partners. I won’t make you two call him ‘Daddy’ or anything,” Roxanne added with a smile. But I only want my daddy!

Before Benny could voice his thought, however, Archie cut him off, “Understood, Mommy. One of our classmates came to us and asked about Essie today. Benny’s just in a bad mood because he’s worried about Essie. Just give us some time to ourselves, and we’ll be all right after a while.”

Archie then shot Benny a warning glance, prompting the latter to keep quiet.

The look in Roxanne’s eyes turned gloomy when she heard him mention Estella. “Mr. Farwell will take good care of Essie, so you two don’t have to worry about her at all.”

Archie nodded obediently in response. “I’ll be sure to talk to him about this. You should head back downstairs, Mommy. Mr. Damaris is still waiting for you.”

Had it not been for Archie’s reminder, Roxanne would have completely forgotten about Jack. “All right. You two stay here, okay? We’ll have dinner together once Mr. Damaris leaves.”

She then patted them on their heads before rushing downstairs. Jack was casually reading one of the ancient medicine books on the couch.

He looked up when he heard her footsteps and asked, “How are the kids?”

Roxanne felt a little nervous as she replied, “N- Nothing much, really. They were just throwing a tantrum because they got into a fight with some kids at the kindergarten today.”

Jack nodded and pretended to be unaware of their hostility toward him. “Yeah, kids are like that sometimes. You just have to be more attentive toward their emotions.”

Roxanne forced a smile at him and said with a nod, “Thank you for the kind reminder, Mr. Damaris. I’ll try to keep that in mind.”

She was about to invite him to stay for dinner, but the words were stuck in her throat when she looked at the dishes on the table. Of course, Jack noticed the subtle changes in her expression.

“Anyway, it’s getting late. It’s not often that my parents would come over to stay for a while, so I need to head back and have dinner with them. I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep you company this time,” he said with an ambiguous look in his eyes.

Roxanne was just inviting him to stay for dinner out of courtesy, but he made it sound like she wanted his companionship. However, Roxanne’s mind was in such a mess that she didn’t realize how intimate his words sounded.

In fact, she even felt a little relieved as she said, “Oh, that’s all right! There’s nothing more important than spending time with your family, after all. You should get going, Mr. Damaris. Wouldn’t want to keep your parents waiting now, would you?”

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