Mission To Remarry Chapter 1117

Archie and Benny stayed in the bathroom for a little while longer before heading out. Roxanne was still chatting with Jack at the time.

She had wanted to get him to leave as soon as possible, but Jack started talking about the ancient medicine books halfway through the conversation.

Due to Roxanne’s incredible passion for medicine, she couldn’t help but get carried away talking about it again. It wasn’t until Lysa told them dinner was ready that she snapped out of it.

“Would you like to stay for dinner, Mr. Damaris?” Roxanne asked out of courtesy. Jack arched an eyebrow when he saw Archie and Benny standing next to the kitchen.

They were both glaring daggers at him and looked like they would tear him to pieces if he accepted her invitation. Because they were still kids, they just looked adorable no matter how fierce their expressions were.

Jack couldn’t help but smile in amusement as he drawled suspensefully, “Thank you for the invitation, Ms. Jarvis. I-”

He was halfway through his sentence when Benny cut him off, “I don’t feel like eating anymore, Mommy! I want to give Daddy a call!”

Instead of finishing his sentence, Jack deliberately paused and gave Roxanne a confused look. Roxanne was caught completely off guard by Benny’s words and began to panic.

After taking a few seconds to regain her composure, she said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I Jack nodded understandingly and interrupted

her, “It’s all right. I think the kids might be feeling unwell. You should go take a look at them.” Roxanne flashed him a grateful smile before walking toward Archie and Benny.

“Are you boys feeling unwell? Come on, let’s go upstairs so I can have a look at you,” she said while leading them up the stairs.

As they trailed behind their mother, Archie and Benny turned around and shot Jack another cautious glance.

Jack simply responded by glancing back at them with a nonchalant smile. The smile on Roxanne’s face faded the moment they got upstairs

She then stared at Archie and Benny with a stern expression, only to let out a helpless sigh when she saw the defiant looks on their faces.

“Archie, Benny, Mr. Damaris is a guest, remember? You two need to be polite to him.”

“But you said Mr. Damaris was going to leave soon! Why did you have him stay for dinner?” Benny asked with a displeased frown. I’ve never seen Mommy treat Daddy this well before!

“I only did that out of basic courtesy. Besides, you two heard our conversation. We were just talking about medicine, that’s all,” Roxanne replied.

She knew that Archie and Benny disliked Jack, but she wasn’t expecting them to make it that obvious. Roxanne felt her head ache at the mere thought of what Benny said earlier.

“Also, I only promised you two to call Mr. Farwell. I didn’t say anything about him being your daddy, so don’t go making stuff up now.”

While Jack wouldn’t associate those words with Lucian, things could get problematic if these two say it in front of Lucian, especially considering the current state of our relationship!

Benny threw a tantrum when he saw Roxanne defending Jack. “I don’t care! I want Mr. Farwell to be my daddy!”

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